COD: Black Ops Cold War – 10 Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X) requires some new data and there are many issues and hidden settings the game doesn't let you know. We've bought you lined right here.
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  1. You casually mentioned that laser sights aren’t seen by the enemy but that should be one of the “things the game doesn’t tell you”

  2. Extra Tip: When using a controller, this game defaults your joystick threshold to 13 or a similar number; it creates a feeling of input delay and clunky response when looking and moving with the joysticks. Go to your controller settings. Go down to “Advanced Settings” and change the threshold to 2 for the left and right joystick. Keep the other settings that are “99” the same. The game instantly felt better and more responsive in multiplayer. Hope this helps someone!

  3. this is the first cod in a long time that i’ve literally fanboy’d the whole time playing it. it’s fantastic. my only complaint is that we probably needed 4-5 more maps than we got

  4. Man, it’s so cool that the campaign has more than one ending and side content to boot. I’ve always loved COD campaigns, but it was always one and done with them, now I have a reason to play it more than once.

    1. @Orange_Man_Rad yeah a bunch of my friends wonder why I’m playing the campaign. Same answer as you, plus I haven’t played since black ops 2

    2. @Orange_Man_Rad fr multiplayer used to be so damn good, until tryhards like this Brian guy ruined it. Even Fortnite was one of my favorites, then all these tryhard little kids got on there wanting to be the next mlg of fortnite and ruined the game. Long live the single player because f people thats why lmao jk but I still play multiplayer but I just wish everyone wasn’t such a sweat

    1. @Ausaf Kalokhe seems to be universal. I’m on pc, and I have a friend who plays on ps4. The game likes to work when it wants to lol. It’s fun to mess around with and have a few beers playing it, but that’s only when we both can connect to the servers which seems to be an uphill battle sometimes.

  5. The wrist watch evidence can spawn in three possible locations (so far) : the war room, the data center or the record room.

  6. There are other connections to MW such as the Burger Town shirt Sims uses and the Burger Town store in the fake Russian city.

  7. The wristwatch for Operation: Red Circus spawns randomly around the KGB Map(I found mine on the lower floors)

    But I’m told it’s more common in records lol

    1. @Robert Sears actually I’m pretty sure the latest AK-12’s and AK-15’s are. Check em out yourself too, they are insanely reliably, powerful, and require little maintenance unlike American weapons. (Not doubting you completely though).

    1. @Syrus Alder if it crashes at the exact spot then either your game save is corrupt or u did not install campaign properly and requires a reinstall.

    1. Yes but In all fairness they had less time to work on this game seeing as they took control half way through development


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