Will You REGRET Buying Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series S is designed for a really particular kind of gaming shopper. Let's dive into what a Series S is and whether or not or not it’s best to contemplate shopping for one.
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    1. i’m down to wait until the ps5 isn’t sold out, because i have xbox game pass for pc and a switch so i can wait out getting a ps5 and then i can pick and choose what games i get on the PS5, the ones i really wanna play. that’s the ideal set up for gamers today

  1. My brother plans to buy one, he has a little kid who loves games he can’t really play them correctly but he loves wandering around in games. I never realized kids that young would be able to navigate so well in 3d worlds.

    1. Dude for real though! My son is 4 and has beaten spyro 2 completely by himself. Blows my mind dude. I was struggling with that at 10…

  2. Dude just change your legal name to Frank so that you won’t have to tell us “to be frank” all the time. We just know you are Frank.

  3. The question is how good is it in 3 years, when games are graphically more impressive and the difference between the S and X is getting bigger.

    1. I still have my launch Xbox One and when the One X launched I was expecting a substantial difference but tbh there really isn’t one. Don’t get me wrong games like Ori look gorgeous in 4K but I will always prefer a high framerate over resolution any day.

      I bought the Series X but the Series S is a good idea for those who prefer digital and only care about being able to play next gen games. I think the Series S will be fine in 3 years time, obviously not a graphical powerhouse but good enough for those who just want to get in on the experience.

    2. Unpopular opinion: Cloud Gaming. It’s right around the corner. By the end of this generation, maybe MS will finally take advantage of xCloud and use it to effectively make all their hardware never expire.

    3. @Puerto Rock streaming in 3 years? Lmao nope. Gaming didnt even fully move to digital because milions are still buying physical copies. Streaming means you own even less than when buying digital. Also internet providers have hard data caps so when someone is gaming in 4k that’s too much for most.

    4. @That_ Deadeyegamer79 I have a 4k monitor and I’ll be honest it’s useless I can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 4k videos or blu rays.

    1. @Faisal Khan but when you buy it they’ll release the Series X X. I won’t bother with the PS5 or Series X till the pro versions. I want 4k 60fps and 2T of storage.

    2. @akaheadlesschicken il be honest, I buy all consoles when the release. And I hardly play and am a casual gamer really 😅.

      Same with my gaming pc, I upgrade almost every gen.

    1. @Jonathan Pontel ok just some things to clarify, the Xbox one x does upscale 4K and in very small instances can do 4K. Xbox one x has some better part yes BUT it still uses the same cpu (if I remember correctly) as the original Xbox one thus holding it back completely. Where as the series s uses the series x. A lot of people look straight at the parts and see what’s better in terms of GPU and such but in all reality series s is a next gen console. It’s just a heavy budget console for casual gamers. I hope that clarifies some things for you (:

    2. @Debtless Fungus xbox one X is NOT upscaled 4k. The ps4 pro is upscaled 4k, the xbox one X is NATIVE 4K. That’s facts, not opinions. The series S is upscaled 4k just like current ps4 pro. Only thing better that the series has is the fast ssd, but its smaller than the 1tb standard hhd on the xbox one x. Native 4k is better than upscaled 4k.

  4. Don’t forget about the storage price. The main reason I recommended my little brother to get the x is that it comes with like 400gbs more storage instead of paying 200 bucks for the storage upgrade on the s. If you’re gonna do that then the 200 you would’ve spent on storage could’ve just been used to get the x which has more power and more built in storage

    1. @Keenangraz I know, but you’d use it only for storage, Microsoft confirmed you can storage but not play series games on the hdd, so the only thing you will have to do is transfer the games to the ssd, it’ll just take some minutes

      Unless you change like 4-5 games to other 4-5 games per minute/hour/day

    2. @Travis Crafton 4k at 120fps on what low setting? I highly doubt the x will be reaching 4k at 120 with anything but low settings or adaptive graphics turned on.

    3. I have a Series S and it has, currently, 10 games stored on its internal SSD, some are X/S enhanced. Stop playing up this narrative that the memory isn’t enough. It is more than enough, nobody plays 10 games at once.

    4. true .On the dot. I would series X but some folks might not have cash on them atm and really wanna game so they go the series S route. If they can find either atm also lol.

  5. Coming from a standard Xbox One, the Series S is an immediately noticeable improvement. Just the speed of the console itself makes it worth the price

    1. @Abel Gonzales the only thing affecting the game would be loading times whether its on SSD or hard-drive. And even then just get the expansion slit if its that big of an issue to not worry about it or either delete or move things out if your SSD location when you dont play it and keep main games there

    2. @elliot watson Yeah, I never had any issues with my 500 gb Xbox. People forget that any game using smart delivery will have smaller file sizes on the S too, because they aren’t saving 4k texture files. The days of having assets saved in multiple places in the file to make up for slower storage is coming to an end as the cross gen games die out. That’ll do a ton for file size bloat.

    3. @abexzile well external storage isn’t a logical option. Think about it next gen games need SSDs to load faster and ‘Feel’ next gen. So so if you’re gonna spend couple hundred bucks getting a SSD on top of its price, why not buy the series X and have more processing powers along with it?

    4. @Abel Gonzales External hard drive dude. If you don’t want to delete and download as needed, all current gen games will run off of an external. If you play a lot next gen games, moving stuff back and forth between the external is quicker than downloading. It would cost $400 if the Series S had a 1TB drive. The 512 GB SSD is already at least a third of the total price. Go on Newegg and look at PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD prices.

  6. When you know you don’t have the money to buy any of these new consoles but still watch all the videos on them in your recommended

    1. @Orange_Man_Rad not every place is america, old dude. Third world countries have a huge population and not enough jobs. most of the people are trying to feed mouths. I considered getting some small job a year ago but it felt wrong to me to take the low tier jobs for a luxury when the money could go elsewhere. I am good cranking the graphics to low on my laptop for now

    2. @Gyan Anchan well do us all a favor and don’t come here. We don’t need anymore low skilled leeches on our economy.

    1. @i Person Something that I’ve been used to for years but everything is cross platform now and pc games have a lil more to offer.

    2. It’s funny because videogames actually taught me the “buy nice or buy twice” way of looking at things from a young age. Whenever I played a game, instead of just spending in-game currency because I could, I would always use the shitty character/weapon/armor until had enough to purchase the one I really wanted. Now I’m 20 and still use that mantra, just in everyday life. If you feel like you’re gonna miss out on key features that the xbox series X has over the S, then definitely save up for the X. That way you don’t have to spend more money in the future.

  7. I think this is more pointed toward the idea of Gamepass and if PS owners want to experience what Xbox games are like without paying $500

    1. To all the stupid console kiddies saying a 500 dollar PC is “nowhere near the power of a console,” look up a budget build and stop believing in internet myths.

      Series X isn’t even native 4K all the time. They use dynamic resolution and some games don’t even hit the 60 FPS target.

  8. I’m beginning to think we’ve been duped. Those weren’t wings or talons unboxing those Xbox’s. Is Falcon really a human?? 🤔

    1. @K Way Definitely not a fanboy here (because it’s fanboys that are exploited ) BUT ….. I have to disagree with the Demon Souls bit. Well if it was just some texture upgrade I’d be agreeing with you but it’s not. That’s like saying why play Resident Evil 2 remake when you can play it on ps1 or something, I mean if you’re going for nostalgia then yeah but it does justify its own price as a remake

    2. @PGD Panda little kids should not play minecraft and lego and fortnite those are horrible games something like bugsnax or sackboy astro playroom that’s great for little kids and that’s on playstation 5 not on xbox

    3. @Ragnar Lothbrok but there talking about children what exclusives have ps5 got rn that are children’s games none I’m pretty sure you just said the highest selling game plus lego games are bad lmao I’ve never heard of those games after fortnite but yh you do you Id rather play xbox if your rather play ps5 that’s great

  9. I plan on getting the PS5 once one is available, however the Series S is definitely something I’d consider getting down the line once Xbox releases some exclusives that interest me.


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