Godfall – Before You Buy

Godfall (PC, PS5) is a hack-and-slash RPG looter for the next era. How is it? Right here’s some gameplay and first impressions.
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  1. Don’t remember where I read it, but I remember seeing someone say that this looks like the kind of game that’ll be free for PS+ in March 2021. I agree, lol

    1. @Ethan Kuntz I remember getting my moneys worth out of Onrush when it was free… oh wait. Hows that game go again…

    2. Your pretty much on the money, this sounds very over priced for what you get, also makes me want to get back into Warframe lol.

    1. I just remembered how much crazy stuff you can do with damage types in Warframe using weapon mods… might have to fire it up again.

    1. @Nero Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve not played any of the AC games, but I’m considering picking up Valhalla. Thanks for telling me about another good feature.

    2. @Ezra Barry the main reason i hate this kind of game is the insane ammount of loot, i’d rather have a game like dark souls series where u have waaaaaayyy less loot and more of unique and cool weapons BTW I loved how ubisoft changet it for AC Valhalla, now u only gets loot from chests and main bosses, and they are separeted by power and not level, way better than this mindless loot

    1. @Chad Ross I think he does that bc there is always someone who likes a game even if its garbage, and he doesn’t want to insult people’s opinion

  2. makes me think of those 2010s era generic MMOs that were all… okay… but just lacking anything to make it pop and stand out form the crowd.

    1. Here is my point though…if this game were reskinned to look like an IP that you like, would you enjoy the gameplay then? God of War wasn’t that great. Hot take, I know.

    2. I already played the game and it definitely feels like God of war. Don’t get me wrong there’s no comparison but it has a GOW vibe.

  3. It’s kind of disappointing how boring this game looks from a gameplay perspective, because the art is amazing.

  4. Kid: “Mom can we get Godfall?”
    Mom: “We have godfall at home”
    Kid: “Mom was right. Warframe is way better”

    1. @JKTheGreat True. I loved the look of Warframe but the combat, for me, was unwieldy and the game overall was far too grindy.

    2. i dont know man im playing Warframe for over 7 years and this has nothing to do with it, warframe is nowhere near as random as Godfall

    3. I thought your name rang a bell but when I checked your channel it says you have 15.3K subscribers and zero content ????

  5. There’s a lot of “buts” in this BYB. Love the content, boys. I’ll be picking up Demon’s Souls in 2024 when I can get my hands on a PS5.

    1. If you have a PS4 and PS+ you might even have the game by then.
      They gave Shadow of the Colossus on the PS3 and later the Bluepoint remake on the PS4.
      They gave the original game on the PS3 and this is a remake by Bluepoint

  6. This is why I trust gameranx for review, sure Jake sounded like he didn’t like the game but he still makes his review subjective and not overly bash the game for what it is. When some patches comes Im actually interested in buying it (albeit on sale if there’s any) I honestly think this is a game for people who wants action stuff and don’t want to think overly about the mechanics and strategies too much, you just go in bash things and get out very simple stuff. It feels like a game I would play after work where Im drained and just want to let off some steam.

    1. @Dan Mojica well buddy I with you on fall guys I can’t stand that 💩 but Bloodborne that’s my 💩 all the way even got the Plat

    2. @Draco lord 😅 he can’t handle it. Was also crying when he finally tried out Bloodborne. after years of me tell him you need to try it.

  7. I feel with the price hike there will be many more games that “aren’t quite” worth the price.
    Quality of games has been declining in general meanwhile prices have gone up.
    Graphics are consistently getting better but that’s not a game.

    1. Meanwhile there are indie games that cost criminally low for how good they are… Companies should keep in mind that graphics are *always* secondary to gameplay. The restrictions indie games have lead to innovation and polish that most AAA games really lack these days.


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