The Most UNDERRATED Batman Game Ever

Batman Arkham Origins is commonly missed because the "non-Rocksteady" Batman Arkham game. We thought it was a superb time to revisit it.
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    1. The one with Deathstroke or the TV spot that was like only 30secs-1 min long showing Batman’s path to becoming Batman? Both were badass in different ways.

  1. “Not going to spoil anything”

    *Literally shows subtitles of Batman explaining Joker’s role in the narrative.*

    1. @Reynik Namyrion I get it. More saying that Gameranx didn’t need to avoid spoilers for a game so old. Bit silly on her part.

    2. @Karrimor18 I have. I don’t even have a problem with it – I was pointing out that they said one thing then immediately did the opposite. A lot of people seem to think I’m complaining, but I was pointing out something I found funny.

    3. Honestly keeping this spoiler free so many years later is not needed. If you haven’t played it by now then that’s kind of on you.

    1. Bro, you just spoiled it even more by confirming it as a spoiler.
      Newbies wouldn’t have realized it was a spoilers and forget it, but now you in the top comments make it worse.

      But thats okay, because spoilers are overrated anyway.

    2. @GamersForLife Ok. I didn’t realize that. I was more listening than paying attention to the backdrop since I already played this game.

    1. I got it day one release and I really didn’t see that many glitches on my 360. It’s a solid game with a great story and some really memorable missions. Arkham knight was trash.

    2. It had lots of issues originally, I luckily didn’t experience any myself. My problem was the story, I feel like it suffered from being connected to the Arkham continuity hurt it more than helped. It has to line up with future plot points, the biggest example that comes to mind was the random and rushed Knightfall thing with Bane being completely pointless because we knew he was going to unfortunately become a beefy idiot. Also, personally as someone who was sold on the 7 assassins and Black Mask story, it kinda sucked when only 3 arguably 4 of them just amounted to nothing and Black Mask boils down to a side mission you can beat really quickly. I also remember they tried doing the dumb New 52 thing saying this took place 5 years before Asylum, but luckily Knight retconned that.

    1. Yeah it gets a lot of crap simply because different devs did it. But I think it’s the best one out of the series and wayyyy better than Arkham knight. It’s a lot of fun watching Batman encounter these criminals for the first time, especially that police infiltration level.

  2. I’ve played this one the most. No cat woman. No bat tank. Open world. I don’t know why people sleep on these mechanics.
    That Bane fight terrified me as a preteen. Damn good game.

    1. After playing origins, the gameplay on city felt dated. Origins was a solid game! The best one to play.
      I thought Knight was the black sheep… I couldn’t play past the first couple chase missions. They make the chases intentionally unwinnable until you reach a certain part of the map… I felt my time being wasted!

      Origins never felt like a waste of my time.

  3. The only two issues i had with this game: The riddler glitch and why was bullock in one cut scene? He should’ve been in the game.

    1. never got why the hate on this game, in retrospective the bossbattles were great and not cheap like in arkham knight

    1. Who can forget the scene where Batman glides up above the giant Christmas tree and beats the guard he’s interrogating so hard, the dude blacks out.

    2. I want to play it again , but I gave my ps3 to my mom so she could watch Netflix and Hulu. I like to go talk to Calendar man on Christmas in the ps4 remake of Arkham City though.

  4. Unpopular opinion: I prefer Arkham Origins to Knight. Knight had no memorable boss fights and too many tank battles for my tastes.

  5. Cool fact : In french, we kept the main trilogy voice actor for Batman : the amazing Adrien Antoine !! So no discrepency for us French fans while playing through the quadrilogy 😀

    1. Its the same in the brazilian version. The same voice actor for 4 games (which happens to be the same voice actor for Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy).

    2. @Olivia Williams I kinda understand you. Whenever some french batman content isn’t being voiced by Adrien Antoine, I always switch back to the english voices (The Nolan movies, for exemple)

  6. Even though it wasn’t done by Rocksteady I still consider it an Arkham title. Outside of the added features it felt like the other titles (in my opinion )…🐉

  7. Imagine the next batman game is set in 2020.
    Rocksteady could use Covid as the perfect excuse for there being no civilians moving about.

  8. My favorite thing about this batman is that Batman never skips leg day. He’s got thighs like Earl Campbell. Thicc boi.

    1. the standard of both these franchises is so much high that despite being great they get overshadowed by other games in the series. same is the case with fallout 4 though it had record breaking sales

    2. Origins was awesome. I liked everything in the game apart from the world. And it has the best boss fights in the series. City has some great fights and the Mr. Freeze one is my all-time favorite, but I personally loved the boss fights in Origins the most, particularly the Deathstroke and Bane ones.


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