PS5: 10 Things We TESTED

Our PS5 preorder confirmed up, so we’ve been placing the PlayStation via numerous (and unusual) checks.Right here’s all the pieces we’ve discovered, from sensible tech data to minor UI issues and a few silly stuff.Subscribe for extra:

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Comment (81)

    1. how pissed you have to be to make video like this one. Two generations in a row pissed thats exactly how.
      this is basically telling me you lads are in constant mental agony to produce that type of garbage =D and its sad to watch so im outta here.

    1. Ur wii does not want juice
      Gamers- okay
      Dual Sense- I don’t want juice, I want mountain dew
      {Yep, it’s not funny, this is lame}

    1. Tbf.. My little one with his sticky hands used to play with my ps4 controllers and It made them not work, so whatever it was on his hands got into the buttons and fucked it all up so this is actually pretty useful 😂

    2. probably a step in for muck found on peoples hands in careers such as a mechanic just wanting to play in his break quickly or a farmer with dirty hands idk

    1. @Ravathiel to be honest. I’m not currently experiencing what I commented because I bought a new PS4 two months ago because the other was tooo loud but yh, your PS4 is likely fucked😂

  1. Miles Morales is not bricking consoles. Theres a glitch that is turning him into a LITTRAL BRICK lol. Like in game its not destroying ps 5 consoles. Its turning you into an actual brick no joke.

    1. I’m waiting till January till it’s my birthday to get a ps5… hopefully a lot of the bugs are fixed by then.

  2. Gameranx: We tested the PS5 temp after playing for 3 hours.

    Mathew Mcconaughey: You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.


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