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A bunch of recent Capcom video games have leaked, Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox gameplay is dropped, the world continues to hunt for PS5 pre-orders, and extra in per week stuffed with gaming information.
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Capcom leaks

Challenge 007 – New Bond game

Night time Metropolis Wire:
Xbox Series X gameplay:

Star Wars ships

Game Awards nominees:

Heads up: Doom Everlasting Switch digital-only

Yakuza series doc

Sega VR revived:

Driver 2 returns

PS5 pre-order bot issues

PS5 pre-order whoopsies

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Comment (81)

  1. We’ve had a lot of fun making next-gen console videos. Just wanted to say if you’re reading this: thanks for watching them. Glad you’re here. Have a good weekend!

    1. You missed the news that some scalpers were getting robbed at gunpoint when they were making sales. Karma is the best!

  2. The Re4 remake needs to be a PROPER remake. Absolutely do NOT leave stuff out, even if it might seem wacky or over-the-top compared to the earlier, more serious installments. The Re3 remake skipped WAY too much. The weapon upgrades need to be just as in depth + keep ALL of the weapons + keep the briefcase the same + the awesome martial art executions. The gun seller needs to be the same, the music needs to have the same atmosphere, no non-canon new made up forms for bosses like in the Re3 Remake, make Leon look cool like he did in Re4, and confident with his personality, as he shows clear character development compared to how he is in Re2. Keep the puzzles super hard, and make this game a genuine remake that will get new fans to experience the masterpiece that is Resident Evil 4!

    (Maybe an online mode for mercenaries would be a cool addition, but don’t go overboard with adding unnecessary things that none of us asked for. Adding what I said would just give the game more re-playability.)

    1. Issue is part of what made Regina a great character was how little we knew/heard/saw from her, so it’d take a very careful hand to build a game where she wasn’t very different or not the character people “remembered” or expected. Even if they made a re-sequel line to one or one and two.

  3. Dragon’s Dogma 2? Holy moly…
    And seeing Resident Evil 4 Remake I’m still hoping they don’t change his jacket, or at least keep it in as an unlockable outfit.

    1. @Matthew Weston id be triggered if they changed luis voice.i want RE4 leon voice and ada’s from original RE2

    2. @Garth Alpha I only just thought about that… I have a feeling they sadly change Luis, but they wouldn’t change the Merchant’s voice… They wouldn’t…

    1. 3:57 would it be cool if they put Sean Connery as a playable character in the game or an easter egg at least ?

    2. Best one in my opinion. I was so scared of it as a kid I literally couldn’t play it, without a friend of mine literally playing it for me while I watched him do it all lol

    1. @1beatcher true but makes sense because RE4 is not 100 % Horror and it makes even more sense when you look at the last DMC game it came out in 2019 and RE4R started full production this year 2020

    2. @BlackLotus30 I watched RGT85’s video on this leak earlier today, a new Onimusha was mentioned in his video

    1. You’re supposed to bring your own grain of salt to apply to iffy news. Completely incorrect usage of that metaphor…

    1. @Adon Smith Hell yes man. I just want a complete edition to preserve that phenomenal Ending DLC. Also I actually know who you’re talking about on Etsy!

    2. F*** yes, don’t even need a remake because the art style ages really well, just a remastered release on new consoles including the DLC. Related, there’s a person on Etsy making unofficial statues of all the characters, it’s freaking amazing!

  4. Am I the only one who heard “Ghost of Two-Shima?” Sounds like the best sequel name ever. Jake for President 🇺🇸

    1. @No Name the T isn’t silent. Even in the game they pronounce it with a slight T at the front end, kind of making it sound like “two-shima” but with a softish T


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