Top 10 NEW Games of December 2020

December 2020 is the ultimate huge bang month of the year for game releases on PC, PS5, PS4, Series X, Xbox One, and Stadia.
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#10 Medal of Honor: Above and Past

Platform : PC VR

Launch date : December 11

#9 Immortals Fenyx Rising

Platform : PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch, Stadia

Launch date : December 3

#8 Override 2: Tremendous Mech League

Platform : PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch

Launch date : December 22

#7 Twin Mirror: Misplaced On Arrival

Platform : PC, PS4, XBO

Launch date : December 1

#6 MXGP 2020
PC, PS4, XBox One
December 16, 2020

#5 Worms Rumble

Platform : PC, PS5, PS4

Launch date : December 1

#4 Chronos: Earlier than the Ashes


Launch date : December 1, 2020

#3 Empire of Sin

Platform : PC, PS4, XBO, Switch

Launch date : December 1

#2 Name of the Sea

Platform : PC XBOX ONE XSX

Launch date : December 8

#1 Cyberpunk 2077

Platform : PC PS5, XSX PS4 XBOX ONE Stadia

Launch date : December 10



Platform :PS5

Launch date : December 8

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Comment (97)

    1. @Emperor Chaos or Thief, one of the best stealth games ever done, or it’s kind of spiritual sequel – the Dishonored series. Also Deus Ex comes to mind, being a FPS RPG within the cyberpunk theme as well.

    2. @Hala Juventus Y nada mas have you not played any of farcry games or hundreds of action games i don’t see the difference and you make a character in the new farcry games and you never get to see it and you live your life first person so im more used to it then 3rd person

    1. Honestly even it it does get pushed back again I would rather have that happen then the game being scrapped

    1. @Mike Marlowe its optimized for ps4 pro. youll probably get the most out of it other than pc players – even next gen is apparently lacking features that the ps4 pro has (idk what they are) but yeah, should be good 🙂

    2. They don’t have a choice they’re hand is forced, they are leaked copies of the game around the world so they have no choice but to get it done for December

    1. Definitely just a mask. Occam’s razor, folks. We’re in a pandemic, and people wear masks. Some of these “theories” are ridiculous.

    1. @Redscape He is from a few months into the future, I think he meant to say there will be a 5th time..and he is just preparing us

  1. Just so people know, cyberpunk isn’t gonna be ‘a lot like gta’ like he said in the video. It’ll be a great game, but don’t expect it to be gta 6, cos its an rpg

    1. @Adrian Lombard you can only play the characters in one very specific way, you make no choices, it is incredibly linear. It’s an action/adventure, not an rpg. If you don’t realise that then you clearly haven’t played any rpgs

    1. Felt. I’ve been following it ever snice the ray tracing demo, the art style is absolutely perfect atmospherically – let’s pray it comes out decent

    1. @Classic Shotgun it’s been officially confirmed to launch on December 10th. For the first time, they’ve even changed their Twitter cover image saying so.

    2. @Classic Shotgun not surprised but due to the current scenario I’d say more likely than not the game is gonna release on time

    3. @Tom Lightfoot it’s been delayed 5 times already, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it did get delayed

  2. Claim your: “Here before Cyberpunk 2077 being on this list is irrelevant because it was delayed again” ticket here

    1. Doesn’t matter to me, after the first delay this year I had Cyberpunk delayed till next gen.
      As it looks now, no PS5 before spring… 2022

  3. Most of these would be in the Game Awards nominations. Edit: along with the snubbed games from after the November 10th cutoff point.

    1. @Walter Huang they’re already claiming over 200 awards on the box. Nobody knows what awards they mean though

    2. Bruh what? I spent an hour looking up information and gameplay and none of these look that impressive, let alone Game Awards contenders. I guarantee you at least 8 of these won’t even get a “Before You Buy” lmao

    3. Why do people care for the game awards seriously? Do all of you need some institution to tell you what’s ‘good’ and worth your time?


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