10 REMAKES The PS5 Desperately Needs

The PS5 has the potential to provide us new and thrilling variations of video games we really feel in love with a decade in the past. Listed below are some classics we might like to see return to the brand new console.
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Comment (52)

    1. because story from first continues into second and third ,make it Syphon Filter trilogy as one remake

      also remake Vagrant Story, but with whole script of the original game which was cut in half because of PS1 limitations

  1. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Rockstar have released LA Noire, GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas to be playable on PS4/PS5. I pray they remaster MCLA as we most likely won’t be getting another Midnight Club. I would pay £59.99 for a MCLA PS5 remaster in a heartbeat.

    1. Nah, this one still is pretty playable, it aged very well, besides it’s a masterpiece. Masterpieces are made to be left alone.
      MG1 and MG2 alongside MGS1 would be much better as remakes, especially the first ones.

  2. No way Rockstar is interested in remaking any GTA game when they’re hardly interested in even making a new GTA game loll

    1. @Mr that’s just your opinion man
      I just hope sony will buy the licence of the game and and give it to one of its capable studios


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