CYBERPUNK 2077 On Set with Keanu Reeves (2020) Behind the Scenes 4K

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CYBERPUNK 2077 Behind the Scenes 4K (2020) Keanu Reeves Movement Seize and Voice Over
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Comment (14)

  1. Everyone: How many trailers with Keanu Reeves do yo wanna make?
    Ciberpunk: We’ll make one trailer each time we delay the game
    Everyone: Jesus Christ

  2. Keanu is like a fine wine he ages well and you never forget the taste good or bad and more often then not you go back for more, so cyberpunk 2077 is a wine, wine, wine for me

    1. he is a multimillionaire. do you celebrate every rich hollywood bum so hard? then also trump hm? 74 year old wine… uh

  3. Your so lucky the good people that will comment later can’t post pics or memes bc they would blow this up with tht scene of u in the elevator 🤣🤣


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