10 INSANE Little Details in PS5 EXCLUSIVES

The day one launch PS5 video games have some thrilling little particulars that we needed to level out. Be sure you share your observations with us in the feedback!
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    1. To be fair, before the PS5, it was impossible to recreate that kind of exaggerated swagger of a black teen. It’s truly next-gen swagger (of a black teen).

  1. It’s funny to hear that in the US there’s stock issues with next gen tech from consoles to GPUs. Here in South Africa, they’re readily available cuz nobody has the money to buy them lol 😂

    1. Specially for a ps3 game. Crazy thing is though it took all the way to the end of the ps3 gen for devs to create something that looked so good.

    1. @Tekey six as much as i love my pc playstation always bring the best games every gen, nintendo are good too with their first party but i dont know what the hell xbox was thinking last gen with their 1st games lol

    2. @Bob the Tomato well I know your struggle, the only reasons I still do gaming is CDPR, Rockstar and Playstation. with these 3 you get quality games and one of the best experiences. maybe it’s time to change your platform and leave the PC space if you don’t have fun with it.

    3. @Bob the Tomato or probably cos you were much younger back then and didn’t notice all those things?

      And also because back in the ps2 days, 3G wasn’t even widespread so everyone was playing offline 90% of the time

    4. @Bob the Tomato i was more shocked by the pad then i was the new shiny graphics and RT (still a step up from my ps4 pro)……. i also game on pc with a RTX2070super.

    1. I mean it’s not really fair to say there’s competition when you are marketing to all of Asia. Most people there probably aren’t aware of they are buying thinking the “PlayStation” is another sex robot for their tentacle porn fascination.

    2. @Kat Bishop You sound even dumber🤣🤣
      Assuming i wasn’t there at time
      There was no Ps5 at 22nd weird kid

    3. @Sasuke The God of Shinobi um, dude, i also got the PS5 Physical Edition from Best Buy on the 22nd, it restocked at 5:15am and sold out around 6:00am, it happened and was announced to be restocking on the 22nd at LEAST a few days before it restocked, dont just assume people are lying because YOU didnt get there in time

  2. I’ve been a PlayStation fan since I was little, but it’s these little details and going the extra mile that keeps me coming back.

    1. U are not the only one man
      Them scalpers tho… 1000£ here in the uk for ps5 on eBay sad times and for humanity

  3. I really hope developers keep implementing the haptic feedback. It makes all the difference and I did not expect it to be so cool. Astro is actually my favourite launch game just because of the way it implements the technology. I also like how you can turn on all consoles in the Astrobot collectible hub area. when you do it even plays the sounds and for certain machines animations. I think I turned that PS1 slim on and off at least ten times in a row when I first got it in combination with the screen attachment just to get that sweet juicy nostalgia. Man that sound and logo is really does it for me.

    1. ​@Jacob Aldrich Yes I only recently started on sackboy and they also did a great job on implementing it. Sackboy also has a great sound engine, which creates a perfect representation of spatial awareness. Off course you will need a good set-up for this, but on my 7.1 set-up it is amazing. A good level to try this out for yourself is one of the earlier levels with the train. When the old lady starts talking you can just move on and take the zipline, at which point the speech audio starts to move between speakers depending on where it should be placed and turn down in volume as you move down the zipline. That is, in my experience, one of the first times it actually worked that well in a game.

    2. I agree about the haptic feedback. it’s so satisfying in Sackboy: ABA. Collectibles feel more rewarding and even walking on different surfaces makes the movement speed kind of nice even if it’s on the slower side.

  4. I found Stan Lee’s statue all on my own right at the start of the game while exploring the city. Was unexpected. Hit me right in the feels.


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