PS5: 10 Features It’s MISSING

The PS5 is superior, however we’ve got a couple of extra options and issues we'd like to see occur with it.
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    1. 20 seconds? I was ready on Walmart’s website last night at 9 and within 1 second of page refreshing and clicking add to cart, it had already went from “this product will be available at 9pm” to “this product is out of stock”. I stayed on the page another 45 min refreshing and getting it in my cart 3 separate times but it always failed to check out

    2. @fukksi puksi I was trying to buy it for my brother for Christmas and yeah walmart instantly sold out as soon as the time hit scalpers are running this year

    1. facts… but i already knew there were going to be a lot of issues on launch, so i decided to wait just like every other generation in consoles.. its way too many bugs and issues on release.

    1. @RedBearNAaron because we all know that the PS5 is going to be sounding and performing like the base PS4 does once it gets some actual games that push it. Might as well expect it too tbh if they really want to stick that whole “8K” gimmick.

    2. @Psycho Kern do you guys how much a 2tb SSD Gen 4.0 cost??!?! That thing 250+$$. I just used my 2.5 Sata3 1 tb ssd as an external for ps4 games. Yes, 625gb was a late surprise for me. I think its about a 5gb/s nvme ssd should be fine.

    1. You said it man i was hoping for music themes to be changed separately this time around and now i there’s not even the good old theme available

  1. As someone living in the EU I am seriously beginning to think you’re all pulling my leg and the Ps5 is actually a myth and doesn’t exist.

    1. I’m getting to think that was a waste of time based on the people taking a disliking to it for one reason or another… Oh well, I’ll assume the 22 people who liked it outway them. xD

    2. God I hate the UK Lockdown. I’m probably the only person who doesn’t like putting his card details online to buy stuff. And I’m probably the only one who buys Amazon Gift Cards to buy stuff from Amazon.

      I just wanna be able to go into a shop to buy a console. Hopefully when it all ends on the 2nd of December I can head down to Game in hope they’ve restocked.

    1. Same, I thought I’d waited long enough woth the ps4 and bought when they brought the 1tb version out and then they brought the pro out🤦🏻‍♂️ not doing that again, I’d rather wait longer this time

    1. @Turbo S Not that many games and expandable storage is still waiting on a future patch.. I’ll wait a couple years until all of these things are non issues and the console is $300.

    1. I’m playing a Parasite Eve on ps1 emulator AND in native PS1 graphics so that kinda statement is just wrong. It does hurt..

    2. Yowch. 😒 that hits right in the gamer heart. I mean I play GTA Vice City on my PS4 a lot so yeah I still love playing PlayStation 2 games. 🥺🥺

    1. Rip my dude personally I’m waiting till the ps5 pro comes put if it even does so all the problems with the launch ps5 are buffed out.

    2. @TN barns pro won’t be out until at least 2 years, at least. So I would recommend buying the ps5 and you can sell it when you go to buy the pro. You would still get at least £200 for the PS5 to add to the pro. Something to consider

  2. The most important feature it’s missing is the ability to purchase one online without scalping Bots stealing them all in 32 seconds…most important feature. Ever.

    1. have some patience, dont buy them from scalpers and watch them cry themselves to sleep for the next year when they have to eat the cost once the new wave of shipments hits stores

    1. @Falselybrave Beast Really sorry for sounding toxic, Im a PC gamer, not a console fanboy… Just going by how the video sounded like it was constantly comparing it to the xbox

    2. @DimaGamer Calm down buddy, no need for the console argument. Both ps5 and Xbox series x have terrible launch day consoles

  3. Having the 8K on the packaging is false advertising if the console doesn’t have 8K in the software and output

    1. @Kevin Duffy anybody can call thier thing “the best”. You can’t however say your product is capable of doing something or has a feature that it doesn’t. You’re supposed to be able to get a full refund because of the consumer protection acts of most contries but no one is going to go as for one.

    2. A bit like advertising a console as next gen when it doesn’t have a single next gen game? Or marketing a console as the world most powerful, when every metric you can run today on its software shows this is not the case?
      Marketing has always been about pushing the narrative. As virtually nobody has an 8K display – can this can be added with a patch soon and nobody will miss it.

    3. @Kevin Duffy I have seen 8K displays and 8K TV’s, though I’m wondering when everyone realizes that 8K will be obsolete when 12K and 16K are already out for recording and movies are already moving across that resolution, the Blu-Ray is already having a hard time keeping up with the software that gamers should be demanding that games be made in 8K resolution cause 4K is on the way out and people still want 4K for the Ultra 4K movies to look so good that they can see the details on a suit and call foul on it for not being what they wanted.

  4. We need more people talking about a lack of 1440p support. Just need enough request for it and Sony will add it lol.


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