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Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 gameplay proven off, a Pink Useless On-line changeup, scalpers dominate the PS5 market, and extra in per week stuffed with gaming information.

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PS5 scalpers

Extra quickly?

Pink Useless On-line going standalone

Pink Useless pretend

Cyberpunk PS4 Professional and PS5 gameplay

Hitman 3 graphics trailer

NEO: The World Ends With You

G4 reunion particular

Mando in Fallen Order

Flight Sim replace

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Comment (94)

    1. @Nathan King you assuming these Boomers will die out fast enough and be replaced with people who are more Caught up with tech

    1. @Halfbeard Jones retailers should add a Recaptcha ye it will be a pain to buy but at least were gonna have more units and more time

    1. @gameranx You need to release a video just saying “grain of salt” i dont care if its two seconds long. I want this video by 5:00 PM

    1. @Blaze Flamestrike Interesting point on the returns part
      though makes me wonder if you buy one and it develops a issue but the scalper paid via credit card then they’d get their money back into their card
      but if the shop could only refund via gift card then you’d still be out {

      always struck me when buying a console that had receipt
      though would a store even honor the repair ?

    2. 10000000% agree Colt !

      The truth is pretty funny, they are feeding on the hard-core addicts and everyone indirectly supports their behaviour by actually buying those insanely priced Technological Marvels.

      Also Sony and Microsoft could proactively hunt those consoles down and block them from the networks based on serial numbers. Then the market which currently exist will just evaporate..

    1. To be honest, I don’t have plans for any new games yet. Just gonna play some NieR Automata, can’t wait for NieR Replicant remake next year.

    2. I’ve been playing Assassin’s creed valhalla, watch dogs legion and some ghost of tsushima/control. Finishing em off before CP2077. I’m finna dedicate all my “video game” attention solely to that game when it comes out

    1. @Bega Bruh, we already have ours. If people are willing to pay double or more for these maybe I should just go on eBay and start selling them myself.

  1. Had to sit on the Walmart app for 30 minutes hitting the refresh button during a drop but finally secured a PS5 with my bank account charged. Now I’m just praying they don’t send a cancellation email and refund me before it reaches the store.

    1. @Logan Lyles Walmart canceled my xsx order a few hours after I placed it, contacted the store manager and was friendly but let him know I wasn’t happy, he hmu 2 days later said they had one waiting with my name on it… so my advice is if they do cancel, have a chat but be cool about it. I got mine because I made someone want to help me out rather than telling him he had to.

    2. @BEGA Bruh I just hit process payment as soon as I could and it listed me for in store pick up, I was in such a rush I didn’t look to see if there was an option for shipping lol. That’s awesome they gave you free shipping.

    3. @BEGA Bruh almost wish I could do shipping though. Going to pick up a console at Walmart with hundreds of onlookers around makes me nervous.

    4. @Dustin Carey Really? Dude that sucks. Good thing you were nice about it though. Hopefully they don’t cancel mine. If they do I’m gonna use the same approach and just be polite. You’re right about that though. Gotta feel for these retail employees having to put up with all the jerks this holiday season.

  2. These scalpers say they have to “feed their families”, well I hope that they enjoy the taste of plastic and computer chips because with any luck the supply will catch up with the demand and leave these ingrates with a bunch of ps5s they can’t sell

    1. Just wait and don’t pay any extra so these a*holes can live their miserable lives in their forts built from a bunch of ps5 boxes just counting how much they paid and lost in advance with a plan to steal money from you. I hope their nonexisting families eat sh*t.

    2. @Adubayo Khakiatton at that point they, hopefully, won’t have made a lot of gain due to the programs they had to buy amongst other things. You never want to break even in business and that goes double for scalpers as their profit counts on the mark up they create.

    3. @Luigimax14 that makes no sense. No one needs to resell something at a premium without adding anything.

      Not only do they add nothing, they actively make things worse – you have to potentially get cheated and inconvenienced. For what?

  3. Been spending probably too much time flagging scalpers on craigslist in my state, kinda feels like the only way to stick it to them.

    1. I believe they can be sued for Price Gauging not sure but there is a fine line between price increase and what scalpers are currently doing especially during a pandemic

    1. @Judah Macabee it’s in reddits thread too, he posted a tweet saying “F your feelings, 1100 digital 1300 disk” he got 43 units, a hacker track his IP, found his address and then leaked the address on reddit, hence the robbery soon after

    1. @Pouya SoufiI’m guessing you didn’t understand the trend of this section . The quote ” I kept you waiting huh ” is actually Snake from Metal Gear Solid . And he put Geralt from the Witcher . So we’re putting random quotes that the other person didn’t mean to say

    1. ​@PogChamp To be fair, actual “clueless” people just don’t care about the price because they can afford it. People who actually are on a “budget”, always check the prices they want/need to buy. If that’s not the case, they aren’t “clueless”, they’re just dumb.

    2. Sadly too many people are too impatient for that. They look at it as a “tax” to get something limited or get something early…. So dumb.

    3. True. But there are honestly some “clueless” people who actually think those are the actual prices.
      Feel sad that some people are literally being taken advantage of.
      Some hard working dad wanting to gift their kid a PS5 for christmas, goes “ok let me get my boy a PS5, wonder how much it costs”
      checks on ebay “crap $1500????…. well my son did good this year guess i’ll get it for him”…

    1. the issue is that some want the new consoles now and don’t want to wait
      so they pay a ” premium ” for instant access to the console

      just wait until the shops have them and buy at RRP


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