10 HIGHEST Points You Can Jump From In Open World Games

It would sound dumb, however you recognize you do it in each video game.
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Comment (62)

  1. “Highest points to jump in VideoGames”

    *doesnt mention the fact that you can jump off from outer space in No Mans Sky*

  2. When you did the Witcher location you didn’t mention the game at the beginning of the segment like you did with all the other games.

    1. @Atirek Bajpai Nope not that part, the part where you get one the power cells right after you meet Silence. Its on the the very tippy top of tower over facing a cliff. You can jump from there and free fall for a while.

    1. @Filipe Gomes “why would anyone wanna be black” you ask?? I’d rather be a black teen than a mexican.. so there’s that

    1. He’s pretty clearly wearing a mask for this recording. It’s literally THAT simple. lmao…what the hell are you kids talking about? There isn’t even a debate about this. It is exactly what it sounds like it is.

    2. @waitwhat ? If he’s doing it from home instead of the office it does, which is entirely plausible considering the new rise in Corona infections worldwide.

    1. I’d imagine this was some miscommunication between falcon and the people titling the video. He was probably making a list on the most fun places to jump off of and the people who made the title made the list about the tallest places to jump off of. Just a theory

    1. a massive amount of nostalgia came flying through my head lol… Thanks for reminding me of this game, can’t wait to play it again.

  3. Is he wearing a mask? He must have recorded this during Thanksgiving in a family members closet. Now, that’s dedication.

    1. There’s a youtube clip of someone jumping from the *actual* highest point and still surviving (not sure if it’s modded however), miraculously managing to dodge between everything on the way down and then hit like a foot of water lol.

  4. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue for PS1 – jumping from the top of the tree house into the pool 👍🏻

    1. @CheapBastard1988 it would defeat the whole purpose of the game if it’s in 3rd person mode.. wdym?? if your system can run it at a 60fps or above, it would minimize the headache..

    2. I really liked Mirrors Edge but after 7 hours of total play time I’ve had 3 major headaches because of that game so I can’t play it😔. If only it had a 3rd person mode. It is one of two games that consistently gave me headaches. The other one was Mario Kart Wii (though that was on a 50Hz CRT TV).


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