10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of November 2020

November 2020 was full of surprises in gaming information, with loopy tales involving Cyberpunk 2077, digital soccer video games, PS5 errors, and extra.
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    1. Y’all it got it delayed. They released a statement Friday that the game was being halted due to all the scalpers for next gen consoles. They released the lack of new consoles would affect their sales and have already seen massive cancellations in their preorders so the game has been delayed to 2021

    1. @A.O.T.L Tng they just said that the dlc is delayed we already knew the game was delayed to December 10. So what they are saying is that the game isn’t delayed again.

  1. I think what Phill Spencer meant was that he doesn’t like those fanatics on either side who just constantly argue, not the competition of the different companies in general

    1. Facts if jake was on this it wouldn’t be preachy and besides competition is good for everyone it drives everyone to be better

    1. @The drum knight lol you can’t even give a counter argument or evidence so you’re just trying to insult me even though it isn’t working. I’ve seen this tactic before and it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

    2. @The drum knight as well, why does me proving your stupidity even correlate with this whole thing? It’s literally not part of this. Grow up and learn how to give counter arguments or counter evidence

    1. Really people have to ask why his voice sounds muffled? Have you people been living under a rock? Can anyone say pandemic?

  2. 0:34 I have a proposal to make: Every time when a game gets delayed we pull up this quote from ‘Shigeru Miyamoto’ EVERY DAMN TIME. It should be a gaming tradition at this point. For better or worse when INSERT GAME HERE finally comes out.

    1. @Brandon Herrin the quote it not “a delayed game is defenetly good a rushed game is forever bad.” The quote is “a delayed game is eventualy good…”

    2. @Brandon Herrin It’s not a guarantee, it’s a prevention as the chances of a delayed game becoming a good game are higher than a rushed game becoming a good game, and even when they do happen, chances are that game is already tainted by the terrible release.

      Weather the delay will be beneficial or not depends on how competent the makers and managers are, but for the most part it doesn’t matter if you’re going to rush the production.

  3. Falcon, you sound weird, everything ok? Oh, and to the people claiming “Clickbait”: It says “DLC Delayed” not the game, so calm down please.

    1. The dlc is reveal was delayed we don’t even know when the dlc was gonna drop so it’s additionally misleading

    2. Sounds like he is wearing a retainer, atleast thats what I would sound like with a retainer trying to speak coherently


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