10 GAME CONCEPTS That Impressed Us In 2020

Many new video games from 2020 launched inventive game ideas we expect are price highlighting.
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    1. I thought the second biggest new concepts in WD legion was drones? Not just attack drones, but package drone, police drone, news drone, construction drone and combat drone.

    2. @Brahm sareen I mean MGSV has that two everyone has different stats and traits while it’s definitely more complex in legion it’s just that it’s not as completely original as people try to make out to be but it’s still awesome either way.

    3. But you can’t do different things , it’s all the same but in legion every character gives you an edge according to his/her capabilities which is pretty massive

  1. When I was a kid my neighbor was telling me he heard about this Assassin’s Creed game, where you can basically climb up on anything that sticks out 2 inches. I remember that blew my mind that a game gave you that much freedom to move around.

    1. @J. B. yeah you’re right, I haven’t played unity for ages I probably should of guessed they would have patched it by now lol

    2. @Tom Reid in 2014 to 2016 i think tgere were a lot of glitches but with time they fixed them. Maybe the vids you are watching are old ?

    1. @Mali IsAdørable
      Yes it does, it also has bonding with your party members, which Like A Dragon also as as I understand it, and a lot of the interfaces look very similar

  2. another cool thing about like a dragon is its turn based because the main protagonist loves dragon quest and is imagining the fights to be like it.

    1. @Stanetti Els Bringing Mel, a highly skilled doctor and 8 months pregnant women to the battlefield against experienced unforgiving scars and evolved zombies when the whole camp was just chilling, working out and eating burritos was pretty “empowering” ngl. Congrats Neil!!

    1. @Toyin Dawodu It may not be as randomized as shadow of war, but the idea where everybody in the world has unique traits, personalities and abilities/weaknesses based on their individual characteristics. And you, the player are free to recruit any among them that stand out to you to build your own army/resistance. Everybody’s essentially just a less powerful captain.

    1. Correct me if I am worng but he never did switched his body, All his tries was a failure
      All he did was stealing part of himself on other like sasuke and that girl I forget her name,


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