What KILLED The Marvel’s Avengers Game?

Marvel's Avengers game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) didn't catch on fairly as strongly as deliberate. Let's discuss why.
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  1. I gotta say, the story was hot garbage for me personally. It’s written like a fanfic, a bad one. So many inconsistencies, so many dumb plot related stuff, and I didn’t find any of the characters entertaining. They more or less seemed like a bad carbon copy of their cinematic counterparts, written by someone who wanted to capture that magic essence while ultimately fumbling and being a subpar version of something better instead of having its own identity.

    1. @Josh Exantus I’ve been reading even better stories i reckon but this was fresh unique and new. Maybe you wanted a game scrapped from the mcu because alot of people are mad that they’re different from mcu

    2. Only thing I disagree with, where does everyone get this thing where they have to be the same as the were from the movies, like that logic is a bit doodoo

    1. this wasn’t his best at all I know he isn’t a political channel but there is a huge political presence that drove off many from playing this “game” but I respect is commitment to stay politics free

    1. Wait you don’t?? I thought it at least had that, Jesus Christ what a pathetic mess of a game.

      All that money we could have just had a fun Marvel game with a good story finally but nooo it has to be a live service turd.

  2. It’s almost like they made a very mediocre game. Shocker. Imagine having an incredible IP like MARVEL to work with, and completely shitting the bed. Jesus.

    1. Pretty sure that’s what most people wanted… You have decades worth of comic material and even MCU material now. If you can’t come up with a solid lengthy campaign given that much source material, you have no business trying to make such a large scale game. I don’t get it honestly. It was all lined up for a slam dunk, and they just threw it out of bounds.

    2. Yeah, I had a enjoyable time on the campaign and I had a good time with it but I hate the post game content with a passion

  3. Industry needs to dump “Games as a Service” model and “Content Roadmaps” Consumers are aware those titles turn out to be awful…

    1. I feel like people are more welcoming if its free and i think that’s fine even if it releases in an unfinished state. But Slap a price tag on it, then NOPE

    2. GTA made the roadmaps successful though. Most of these developers that do those kinds of stuff are just lazy from the start and expected the gamers who paid full price to just wait for the contents.

    1. @AndrezPT sorry I should have asked you before I give my personal opinion. Did you just say “hater” unironically, while defending this game? How many chromosomes do you have?

    2. @Apollo Beats This is a mobile game… but its actually worth playing, so Genshin going into all platforms is alright.

  4. They spent around 5 years developing it, feels like they spent 4 years on the A-Day mission and rushed to finish the game with the remaining time.

  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is still better. Games as a PRODUCT will always be superior. A service is reliant on the host.

    1. @Matthias It’s decent, but the first one is still the best one. I don’t know, the Switch version seems cartoonish and kinda serves as a reboot of the entire franchise. Not bad but not great either.

    2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is probably the best superhero team-up game I’ve ever played. I hoped this game would be a spiritual successor to it. Unfortunately, they’ve opted to offer this “service”.

    3. the main problem was the core feel of the game, it ran like crap even on performance mode…a game like this should have amazing melee combat that makes you crave more and come back for it, like the arkham series did….

  6. Honestly, they should’ve done it like ultimate alliance instead of a destiny-esque game. It probably would’ve been solid at best.


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