5 Things Cyberpunk 2077 is Doing DIFFERENTLY

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, PS5, Series X, Xbox One) is lastly virtually right here, and we've acquired a couple of extra issues it’s best to know.
All the things else you could know earlier than it acquired delayed:



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  1. CDPR: Due to Gameranx dropping another 5 things you can do In Cyberpunk 2077 we have decided to delay the game to 2021

    1. @hi I’m a penguin umm I mean, I never had a problem with ghost of Tsushima, TLOU 2, Valhalla, I preordered those games, & picked them up with no problem, but okay.

  2. “You didn’t see Geralt jumping on a bunch of other horses, right?”

    Geralt: “I’ve named all my horses Roach.”

    1. @Prakrith Keshav
      I originally thought that too playing W3 after W2. But it turns out Geralt calls his horses Roach to deter any bonding or emotional connection with his horses. As a sort of Witcher thing, lessen weaknesses, prevent vulnurability, that sort of stuff.

  3. I think the “Cool” factor is more along the lines of how calm and collected you are in certain situations. “Keep your cool” kind of a thing makes more sense with the direction of the game itself.

    1. That’s exactly what it is. There was a deep dive video after show in 2019 where one of the devs said this exact thing, cool is about keeping your cool not your style

    1. The last of us part 2 is the biggest disappointment this year. I’m an Xbox guy but I wanted that game after the first being so amazing lol

    1. I too disagree, they really pushed that on bl3 for some Reas and it kinda sucked since they were only prioritized the streamers.

  4. No one:
    CDPR one day after this video releases: “we regret to inform you that the game was never in development, thank you for your support”

    1. Being a gamer now isn’t the same as it was like 10-15 years ago. Now its pretty much a cult, or people acting like it is and it has become political… I personally distant myself from the outraged mob, maybe I’m getting older and i don’t care to that extreme level!

      It’s better when It’s kept simple! Don’t need to over hype!

    2. @Josh Dearen This is a fact of life. Entertainment and quality are subjective, someone’s not going to get what they want and will be disappointed …and start whining.

    1. @ItsNotSam_ obviously no one cares about a dumbass funny sex number. Huh, who would have thought it wouldn’t be clever or funny after decades…

    1. For real! But surprisingly this week is going at decent speed. This is the first time I literally want the weekend to Fucking fly by lol

    2. @Dutch Vanderlinde well for one, it’s made by one of the most renowned game developers on the planet. It’s like of rockstar announced they were working on GTA 6. They deliver amazing games, and so does CD Projekt Red. The hype is absolutely understandable.

    1. @Taikatanhu dude cmon u really fighting for a game which ia not released yet

      And m damn are rdr2 is and will be better than cyberpunk

    2. ​@darrkASnight5150​, San Andreas touched upon the RPG elements actually, you’d increase your stats by going to the gym, transform your body, take karate lessons, or you can just eat out fast food and get fat. You also had sex-appeal so people were judging you by your car and clothes.

      Not everything revolves around GTA V.

    1. @Efecan YSL i know right :D, says alot about some of these ppl ” im fine to rip peoples faces off and shoot hundreds of people killing them but DONT SHOW ME BOOBIES!!!” like wtf 😀

    1. @-Hybrid- people use the term lagging incorrectly. They mean frame rate drops and or frame time spikes. Lag is a different thing, as you said, relates to internet connection delays.


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