10 CRAZY Easter Eggs Only on The PS4

PS4 exclusive video games had been full of thrilling unusual Easter Eggs and references. Listed here are our favorites from the era.
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  1. I was really surprised when I found a golden egg while exploring Tsushima, just to be even more surprised when the shell broke out and I saw a new born with a beard, raging for no reason.

    1. @Matt Odlum I have no idea either, as far as I’m aware this has been our 2nd or 3rd maybe launch I guess they are prioritizing usa because they have more people

    2. @Fiji Maxwellicus good call bud, do you have any insight into why we (Canada) have been snubbed for this launch? I mean I get we’re a much smaller country but ps5 is not proportionately being sold im both countries, especially the no psdirect option seems like a pretty shitty move.

    3. @Matt Odlum I’m going to wait till next year when you can get them fairly normally and not have to refresh a tab for 20 minutes

    4. Not gunna lie today was the first and last time im gunna stess about getting a ps5, not sure why Canada is gettin the middle finger for this launch, but that was only the third, THIRD day since launch we got a drop (USA gets one like every other day) and we dont have a playstation direct website, thats USA only. Ill be waitin for the stock to be greater than demand.

  2. Sony Bend, the studio that made Days Gone also made Syphon Filter so its not weird at all that there would be references to it.

  3. That door in shadow of the colossus have an interesting story behind it, you could say the fans are the one who made the easter egg.

    1. Yeah, I vaguely remember watching the video about it from one of the long running SotC channels breaking down the entire lore and history of the secret and how it finally became part of the remake. So cool.

    1. @Kristy Moore I have a Ps5.. And no zero issues. IDK what these people do to the console to break it, but mine is perfectly fine


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