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Cyberpunk 2077 launches early for some, RTX 3060ti playing cards promote out, Steel Gear Strong remake/film information, and extra in every week stuffed with gaming stuff.

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Cyberpunk stuff



RTX 3060ti

Extra Silent Hill/MGS rumors

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New Arkham fits

Kratos Fortnite:

Attention-grabbing Demon’s Souls video shout out:

Article on inverted controls:

BioWare departure

Nintendo World official

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Comment (73)

    1. I really dont care about Cyberpunk 2077 because I think it will not be what I want from it. Good storytelling and worldbuilding but thats it for me. Witcher showed me that you just activate a quest and its done. You dont need your brain to solve anything. Pretty lame for RPGs in my book.

    2. i drank 60 rockstars to get 60x $1 giftcards in microsoft store credit.
      i cant find the PC version of cyberpunk on the microsoft store…

    1. @J ray well, maybe the people who are emotionally invested in the game are probably salty because you disrespected the product they are emotionally invested in, which you haven’t experienced yet, by saying that you don’t care to experience it because you don’t believe it isn’t worth however much it is currently… just a penny for your thoughts

    1. I was about to say this, even now with curved screen technology they could simulate being underwater. Similar to what they used on the mandalorian show.

    1. @Zaveguin If i were ever rich enough to have it constructed there will be no rides just the atmosphere of rapture.

    1. Tell me about it. I started the year with a painful back infection, and I’ve just got it again. As if it wasn’t already the worst year ever from beginning to end.

    2. Let’s just hope that 2020 wasn’t just a beta version of 2021. Actually to be true, so much sh*t has happened that I wouldn’t even be surprised now if 2021 is even worse

    1. Yeah… started a PhD, a master’s degree and got a job. It was a wild ride but man is 7 years a long time!

  1. I would love a Halo theme park. With augmented reality laser tag, and you can experience places like Beaver Creek in real life!

  2. Jakes hair is on point, and the Wham shirt takes it to the next level all while rockin a glowing youtube jacket!

    1. @Some One I think your reaction is a lot dumber than @wheninROME P’s joke. Why are you getting so fucking worked up? LMAO.

  3. It’s kind of weird that some of these Fortnite crossovers, like God of War and John Wick for example, are franchises that the majority of Fortnite’s player-base are too young to play or watch.

    1. @Berry Best It doesn’t necessarily just come down to the gore or nudity, but also the themes. In the older games even though it told a tragic story, Kratos was basically an enraged anti-hero on a quest for vengeance, there wasn’t much to him beyond that. The latest game however is much more mature thematically, about the relationship between a father and son both grieving the loss of their woman and mother respectively, about wanting to put aside that old rage and not pass it on to his son and even about his own mortality. Personally I think that the themes and the tone of the story is significantly more mature than the earlier titles.

    2. @Octobers Lazy Own As I said; just because there are age ratings doesn’t mean that people abide to them, or that I think that it hurts kids in any way, but it’s about the intended audience or market from a marketing perspective. The John Wick movies are aimed towards those that are allowed to and expected to watch R-rated movies, not ten year olds. Like, you wouldn’t expect them to do a P*rnHub crossover would you, even if it lacked any kind of nudity, because the overlap in customer bases is not that significant?

      When it comes to advertising, you advertise things that are relevant to the people that are going to be exposed to said ads, because that makes them more effective. A fitness magazine will not run ads for junk food and car manufacturers don’t advertise in media aimed towards children, because that is not their intended customer bases. That’s why the relevance of these crossovers in a game that has a very young player-base is questionable.

  4. Jake: “nintendo world japan opens Feb 14, 2020”

    Me: sweet, 2020 part 2 confirmed can’t wait for things to get worse

    1. im from the future, my dad was 12 when it was announced and rn i am 100 years old and still waiting to this day:(

    2. I didn’t even know it existed until the first trailer came out, but as it seems, I must’ve been 14 when they announced it. Did they announce it at the very beginning of the development cycle?

  5. feels like he’s trying to get through the video quickly so he can get back to playing cyberpunk early 👀

  6. I think a Celeste theme park would be awesome imagine just climbing a mountain and that’s the whole thing but it’s a cool mountain 🏔️🏔️

  7. Today is my birthday, and it also so happens that I get to watch my favorite Friday Show today! Thanks homies at Gameranx


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