Immortals Fenyx Rising – Before You Buy

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Before You Buy (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox, Stadia) is an open world Ubisoft RPG journey that borrows some ideas from different video games and provides a number of new twists. How is it? Let's discuss.
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Comment (81)

    1. @Mervyn Lan the word monsters is so broad though. That’s like god of war going after anything with the word war in it or something like this

    2. Yeah honestly would’ve been a wast of money and tims form ubisoft to go all out and fight that in court for years given that this game is a new ip and not an established franchise cuz I think if this was AC they would’ve fought more that name

  1. Jake is having an in depth discussion but I’m just listening to the guy on screen go NEEYAAA YAAS NYA

  2. The game seems to take more inspiration from AC and other “chores” games than BotW, to me at least. I’m not sure if I’m willing to jump into it yet, but that DLC seems real promising.

    1. @Charles Hopton it’s the combination of these mechanics. Plus the fact that you have 4 main goals to complete in any order with lots of shrine puzzles to pad out. That’s literally the structure of breath of the wild lol.
      Btw the developers compared the game to BOTW. It is obvious where they got their inspiration they dont need you to defend them 😂😂

      BOTW was a new experience, this game isn’t. Nothing wrong with that ot was obvious there would be many BOTW inspired games. If you like this more than what it was based, good for you. 👍🏿😂

    2. kevin patterson Don’t know who ur referring to, I never heard people say that but yeah it isn’t the first open world game or even open world Zelda game. I do suppose it is more “traditionally” open world than a game like Wind waker or something tbh tho; it has many side missions, lots of places to explore scattered all over the map, you can do missions out of order, etc. I could see why people would call it the first open world Zelda game, even if it technically isn’t it pretty much is

  3. I’m not really a fan of Ubi, but I picked this one up yesterday and I’m having a blast. Definitely recommend it.

    1. @Eat’Em Whodi better imo. Combat here is AC style mostly, but it has shrines and physics based puzzles like botw.

  4. I’d really recommend this game, I was lukewarm about it but decided to buy it instead of valhalla and it’s been really awesome. It reminds me of what I want a new fable to feel like, I think it’s been underrated by a lot of the big publications.

    1. No,dont buy Valhalla,it’s riddled with game-breaking bugs,save bugs,features missing and it’s a worse version of Oddyssey overall. Wait a couple of months and then buy it.

    2. Valhalla is awesome to man trust me buy it, its amazing… you can harpoon someone off a twer like scorpion and jump in the air and slash them its dope..

  5. “Too much like Zelda” I say as I switch from playing Battle Duty Field of Call: Modern Ops 47 to playing Dark Demon Born Blood Souls Die Twice.

    1. @IamShow I love all those games.. just pointing out the silliness of those who criticize Immortals for being derivative to one other game when there’s so many shooters and souls likes out there.

    2. @IamShow how dare you blast the gun goes pew pew games. I’ll have you know that I use a sniper in every match.

    3. To be fair the games from the second half of this comment are genuinely good and not yearly copies like the shooty shooty boom boom games

    1. @El Homiederp Well yeah your money does get lost if you exchange it for a game that’s how capitalism works. So you don’t care that I go “ham” but you do that too? I don’t use STEAM.

    2. I’d rather buy without someone giving me a yay or nay but at least Jake is very fair and honest with his assessments.

  6. Dude, I bought this game and felt the same way, and yeah man, this game is enjoyable and I think your take on it is right on the money lol

    1. I think you create your character tho, I think they have to be called Fenyx but i think you can edit them to your liking

    1. Its too historical innacurate for me and the animation needs some work but it wasn’t unwatchable the characters were really well designed and I liked the voice acting.

    1. $2000 on a PC would easily get you 4K. $1200 for 1440p at ultra graphics depending on how you budget you money on PC parts. I would even say $1000 could get you 1440p at ultra graphics. Depends on the parts you get and where you shop.

    2. @Darrell G the image quality is exactly the same when still. But when you start playing fps games with lots of mouse whipping the difference is huge

  7. Every time I think about getting this game, I just think: why would I ever play this when Cyberpunk is coming out in a few days

    1. I was thinking the same but got it anyway don’t regret it at all story is not that long btw about 25 hours to complete solid game it’s one of those that is fun to watch and bland to watch

    2. That’s exactly what I’m thinking lol. Maybe I’ll pick this up next year when I’m done with CP2077.

    1. Just buy it and let it chill in your backlog like most of us will do😂. Personally i’d switch it with Valhalla or Legion even.


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