10 WORST PS4 Games of All Time

The PS4 was an unimaginable console with nice video games, but it surely had some horrible flops. Listed here are some of the worst video games we've seen on Sony's PS4.
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    1. @Christos Christophi Goddamn Black lung just had to tattletale to Dutch. But I insist that I am a changed rat I mean person.

    2. @Micah Bell yup.
      *excuse the brief answer, currently half way through rdr2 so you aint popular here mr bell =)

    1. Yeah but he only did 1 ps4 avgn episode life of Black tiger and he only did 4 games from the 2010’s his own game,chex quest 2 and 3 and life of black tiger

    1. @Jikrin while I agree everyone should be an informed consumer as much as possible, only a few of these wede liscensed games. Hell, Afro Samurai 2 was a sequel to a well respected and fun game.

  1. “Godzilla is approaching the generator!”
    “Godzilla is approaching the generator!”

    1. It’s such a shame though as I am a big G fan, and I feel they got the monster motion right!one day there will be an awesome Godzilla game (I hope) imagine a Kaiju fighting game with insanely destructible environments

    1. Maybe they tried it and said they never received it that way they could recover from their mistake of buying the game in the first place lol

  2. Red pill: show the utmost respect to whomever completed these ten games.
    Blue pill: show the utmost sympathy and pity for whomever completed these ten games.

    1. @Halfbeard Jones if you mean that Japan makes games that look bad,look at dmc5,Street fighter,Bloodborne,Dark souls and other

    2. Well it seems you weren´t even born yet in 2000 am I right? 😀 Games in that era were gameplay masterpieces unlike today.

    3. ’90s and 2000s at least knew how to ship a game completely finished 98% of the time that were made, unlike today and I would say games from the 2000s had more quality than most of the trash that’s made today.

    1. EA games are not bad from a graphics, performance or story perspective…. They have top notch graphics, they have amazing assets in games, they are a AAA studio… The problem with EA is they are greedy as hell, their greed brings down the company potential to make game… To earn money they make games too generic and mainstream to appeal to the masses and that is what happened with Anthem, us gamers hate that…. They destroyed Star Wars BF2 with greed (lootbox stuff) but after going through hell (which they deserved) made it a really good game… not to mention they did good with Fallen Order… I mean we all loved EA games before FIFA 09…. NFS Underground, Most Wanted, The sims are some of our childhood gems… But they are sure EVIL, they are the very soul of corporate greed….

      EA makes disappointing games not bad…

    2. Most EA games really aren’t bad, its jist a bandwagon fad to hate them.

      Also last person, fallout 76 is mic better now and actually not that bad of a game.

      Too many princesses in the gaming world.

  3. What’s funny is Life of the Black Tiger got advertised on the official Sony YouTube channel and it got delisted due to backlash

    1. I’m sure it got delisted for numerous reasons: like stealing a cover song from YouTube for the trailer.

    1. It seems to be the most popular game mentioned here that wasnt on this list so thats something, but yeah thats why i watched it, it 100% belongs on this list, It is truly awful.

    2. @Kinshasa PR. Based off of the reviews I don’t even think it’s worth that lol. I hope WWE gets rid of 2k, it’s a terrible brand

    1. Oh I thought SCORN somehow morphed into AGONY…. I am just tired of those hiding from bad guy games…. very few get the mechanics right and they just become a bore after hiding for the 10th time.

  4. Afro samurai 2 wasn’t just delisted. They took it off the store and refunded everyone who purchased it (myself included).

  5. Falcon: The faster the car is the more uncontrollable it is
    Me: Thats how cars work, Speed = Reduced handling

  6. When Grandma wants to buy her 10 year old grandson a game, but has no clue what she is doing and picks up the one with the fancy cover.


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