How Scalpers Are RUINING The Series X/PS5 Launch

PS5 and Series X are scorching new consoles for the holiday season, and scalpers are making it a lot worse. With restricted stock and rising costs, can something be accomplished?
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  1. The thing about them saying “putting food on the table” is theyre spending money they could use for food on consoles its basically gambling

    1. Sigh…….Suppose I’ll wait till 2021 when this shitstorm is over before buying the PS5. Willing to be patient and wait until this God forsaken year is over

  2. Sony should’ve anticipated this and countered these scalpers. I’m not buying PS5 until prices go back to normal. I used the money to upgrade my PC instead.

    1. Trouble with that is scalpers are buying gpus too lol
      But agree not gonna buy anything from a scalper, buy from them only makes the problem worst

    2. @jordy magema they care because console sales are meaningless without the licensing, game sales and the subscription monies. Even though I think they will normalize in time, the small userbase numbers are going to affect meaningful decisions for this console generation.

    3. @Captain Private Yeah, I don’t really compare them side-by-side. What’s important is that I upgraded my PC and really satisfied with it playing modern games. And PC has other uses as well.

  3. “Is it benefiting Sony?” No, it’s not. These companies generate more profit from software sales in the long run. When consumers don’t own the console, they can’t buy the games. When developers don’t see the cash flowing in for their next project, guess what, time to borrow more money or shut down.

    1. No he’s correct they don’t need to make any discount in this Christmas and soon eventually consumers get their hands on ps5 from scalpers

    2. Sure it benefits on the long run, as longs as there is demand from us the gamers and demand of the scalpers. They are not going to produce less but more… and i only hope that the people will have the patience.. THEY WILL COME.. its not like they gonna buy up 1000milion consoles and SONY is not going to stop production…

      And if they are really smart they make more and more so the scalpers cant buy more or wont buy more cause they realise they go bankrupt. Just flood the market with them..

    3. @Roberto Eijs yep at some point the stock will just burst out and scalpers will having garage sell by that time they have to sell it for below msrp because people could just buy it from legit retail store with warranty and customer support etc.

  4. heres a conspiracy, microsoft and sony bought back their own product and are reselling it as scalpers online right in time for christmas. its genius

  5. Ive been getting scalpers to drive 30 mins to “meet” at the same time and place and telling them each others car. Seeing the realization they’re both selling PS5s for $1k is amazing

    1. Have you considered trying to race them to see who can get to the location the fastest and the prize they get is a note of congratulations?

    1. Yeah. Its why I don’t feel bad for them. If they can afford to get a loan or just straight up buy out stock and sell an item over the market price. They’re not poor, they’re shitty people.

    2. Thank you for bringing it out friend I have people in my neighborhood and they are doing this copying situation most of these guys are drug dealers girl they all got bread Mula Dinero

    1. @darude gaming Second hand consoles always go for less, even if they have never come out if the box. And why would you even buy from some online seller if he’s not doing a better deal than a retailer? Combine that with the fact that they’d have to pay for shipping, or charge the consumer for shipping. When going down to your local dealer won’t cost you anything.

      If you don’t feed the scalpers their only hope if breaking even is finding someone willing to pay an online dealer the same price as a retailer, plus pay for shipping.

    2. And that’s exactly why I don’t mind waiting up to 2 or 3 years, anyway I won’t die for not having a next generation console….. my ps4 has been fun for over 3 years anyway, not to mention my 3ds :A

  6. They’re simple to beat. Just simply “DONT BUY FROM THE SCALPERS!” Then the scalpers stop and you can buy from the actual retailers. Besides if you’re gunna pay $1500 for a console just buy/build a computer!!

    1. @Michael Yahalom “I would rather spend 1500 on a ps5 then a PC”
      Is that a typo or would you rather be scalped than get value for your money?

    1. Yeah if they really believed that and weren’t just saying that to sound motivational they would be giving them out for way less lmao.

    2. I had 1 in a basket on 3 different websites for them to immediately disappear, bot buying at ridiculous speeds , I had one confirmed and it disappeared, it’s only bots and scalpers , what divs

  7. They aren’t “putting food on the table.” They have thousands upon thousands of dollars, spending it on tons of consoles and reselling them. Tell me why someone would prioritize buying consoles with a small chance of reselling compared to actually buying food.

    1. Because the food can’t be resold as there is no fervent demand. It’s a solid business model for now. Not that I don’t have the money to buy one. It’s that I don’t want it that badly. Eventually, the market will shift to people not wanting one bad enough and then the scalpers will have to drop prices significantly.

    2. @And1Metal To justify selling it. Scalping is in-fact illegal and they could face legal action. Being that it’s Sony and Microsoft, they most likely will some time down the line.

    3. @TickleMyPitz This is probably more true than we want to admit. The insane hype Sony and Microsoft have generated has increased the price of the consoles, and if anything pops that bubble, a lot of people are going to get hurt. Especially scalpers.

    4. @The Triggerman You’re f****** learning disabled if you think they can’t. They’re the same people with money trying to take advantage of others just to get more money as all the other douchebags.

    5. Exactly. I’ve seen pics of scalpers with 26 PS5 consoles stacked high. That’s $13 grand. Nobody who is poor has that kind of capital to invest at a reasonable level of risk. MOST these scalpers are people with means… or put less politely…. greedy fuckholes lining their pockets even more.

  8. They’re not trying to put food on the table, they’re trying to make easy money at the expense of average families. If it was about eating, they’d have real jobs.

    1. @Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee Why should they need to get it? If a parent is willing to pay so much then they do not lose anything since they clearly do not care about the money. And in average families you do not buy consoles as a present especially brand new ones. So they can scalp what they want since no one really is “damaged” by it. If you have the ability to do that to get some extra cash why not? I would certainly do that if i have the money and luck for it.

    2. @Ty Brown it doesnt negativly affect the console manufacturer it does affect game devs since they know that only like 10-20% of all ps5s solds are in homes of people who would buy their games so they have to make games for current gen ps4/xbox one which in return means graphics and world size and such stagnating on console even though. But that is the worst case scenario sony and microsoft love this since scalpers are generating them a shitload of profit

    3. @Ixil Miniussi No one is saying they won’t be just fine. He literally said “at the expense of.” He didn’t say it was causing average people to become destitute due to their crippling need for a console. If I buy an Arizona ice tea it comes at the expense of 99c plus tax. It comes at my expense. Read. Think. Read again. Reply, good formula for next time.

    4. they probably do have jobs!!!
      Business is about RISK and if you’re willing to take it like the scalpers sometimes you win!!
      Don’t misunderstand me they’re scum but i see why there doing it!!
      I feel sorry for the kids xmas day but you could argue a lot wont be able to get them if Sony dont release enough before xmas.

    1. good thing my son is reasonable and understanding and not a spoilt brat but I still feel really bad I cant get one for Christmas.

    2. @Nerdgasam Theres still what, 2 and a half weeks? You might still get it. If not, I bet you it’ll have far better long term benefits for him than the short term benefits he’ll get from playing it. In a couple months, they will be in store everywhere you go.

    1. @RatchetC99 This is true. I remember one time when COVID was still new, scalpers bought a lot of essential item to the point wherw ebay start to ban them.

      Heck, one time a guy who have a lot of essential item was force to charity after a ban from online shopping.

    2. It’s actually illegal but only for “essential products”. Stuff that people actually NEED(water, seeds and etc), hence why they are able to do that to PS5 and Xbox Series X. It’s not essential so they can get away with it.

  9. I’m just waiting till next year towards the middle or end of the year when they’re more readily available. I got Bravely Default II and Monster Hunter Rise/Stories 2 to hold me over. I’m good for now.

  10. If I was Sony or Microsoft… I’d be upset at the scalpers. It’s taking money from them that the consumer could’ve spent on extra accessories or bundles.

  11. Don’t say you’re “putting food on the table” when you’re spending thousands of dollars on the consoles which you sell for double. Spend to earn, sure, but maybe spend all that money you DO have on food instead of scalping.

    1. Unfortunately, i have to defend someone saying that because, in the short-term, scalping a console and flipping it *IS* a good investment. Also unfortunately, no one knows when it will turn out to be a bad investment. So scalpers are good at seeing opportunity, but bad at seeing sustainability.

      It honestly makes me think of the “alcoholic father” stereotype. Someone who’s good at seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck, but isn’t disciplined enough to hold a steady job.

  12. If this never stops, then I’ll never own a ps5. I won’t buy from a scalper. I’ve been scalped by GameStop trade ins for too long!

    1. @DT2012 absolutely, there’s gonna be a decent lineup in a year or so. Just get one at any point before that if possible without supporting scumbags

    1. My uncle at microsoft pulled strings so i got one in time for christmas. The fact nobody else has one makes me feel bad for wanting to watch tv with it.

    1. So people who buy and sell should die? OK so you will die, I will die, our grandparents will die. All this doctors will die all because we buy and sell

    2. @Playstation psycho
      I think the premise is that the scalpers are buying and reselling without paying the appropriate taxes (obviously there’s more to it than that). For the particular price jump they’ve created, it’s borderline illegal anyway.

    3. @Playstation psycho people who buy stock of a retail product that is in high demand and then resell it with a massive margin while adding exactly zero value can absolutely choke on it. They are in the same scumbag category as the flash traders on the stock exchanges. Costing the end user money while adding no value.


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