SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES “A New Spider-Man” Trailer (PS5, 4K)

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SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES "A New Spider-Man" Trailer (PS5, 4K)
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Comment (17)

  1. 0:39 Of course he’s a different Spider-Man, Jonah. Peter doesn’t have the exaggerated swagger of a black teen like Miles does smh.

  2. मेरे को भगवान ने पूछा कि तेरे को क्या चाहिए तो मैने मुस्कराकर कहा कि जो भी मेरा कमेंट्स पढ़ रहा है भगवान उसके माता पिता की उम्र लंबी कर दे👍
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  3. Why is Miles called Spider-Man? Shouldn’t he be called a different hero name? And why does he have more powers than Peter? I bet it’s because he’s black.

    1. @badreedine Djellali well why is Miles also called Spider-Man? He’s not Spider-Man he was a black skin swap in the Ultimate series then awkwardly transplanted into the main universe. Frankly he is the flagship sjw character.


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