10 Christmas Gifts Gamers DON’T WANT

Some Christmas presents are…no so nice. For players particularly, many errors could be made.
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    1. Yeah… When the N64 first released for Christmas I told my father I wanted one with Zelda Ocarina of Time…….. He got me a Super Nintendo with Zelda a Link to the Past!!!😢😢😢😢

      Great game though!

    2. I either get chocolate , or they just give me the money , my mum and dad got me something as good as an ipod when I was 13 , it was awful ,now I just get cash to it, or they ask to send a link.

      Everyone else doesn’t get anything that big

    1. I always wondered if the hunting Simulator is any good. I’m not willing to pay money to find out, so yeah, as a gift I’d be happy

    2. @Dre2timezz it’s cool but it kept crashing my PS4 so I had to return it 🙁 so I’ll just wait patiently for skate 4

    1. “instead of buying all those expensive games, this Soulja box already has 20,000+ games preloaded! isn’t that amazing?!”

      *smugly stares at the other parent who strongly suggested getting the kid the game they asked for*

      “you’re welcome”

    1. @ColdErosion Wait, so, dynasty is pronounced d-in-ah-sty, so, yes, by all means, pronounce it like that

  1. I could imagine someone buying the budget blueray drive-less console(cheaper), and then also buying some physical copies of games.

    1. honestly i dont get why people cant wait a few months to get it lol we waited 7 years for a new console

    1. I genuinely hate how people use “a” for a word beginning in a vowel.
      “A all-digital console.”
      I mean come on! You felt it was necessary to put a fullstop there aswell…

  2. That moment when they ask you
    Mom: “what do you want for christmas?”
    Me: “PS5”
    fast forward to Dec 25th
    Mom: “I got you an Algebra book”

  3. Microsoft failed miserably with the naming of their last 2 generations but particularly this generation. I genuinely feel for the parents out there because it’s confusing enough for people who are into games let alone those who have no idea. Very VERY poor choice.

    1. @Irc Do you know how many times when that first came out, as a collector, I would talk to people about consoles and both parties would get confused about whether you were talking about the first xbox to come out or the latest because it sounded like you meant the first because there were 3 but the third was called one. It was pretty stupid man. I genuinely would have preferred the continuation of xbox, xbox 360, xbox 720, xbox 1080 etc..

    2. I understand how the new series X name might confuse parents but I just love the previous gen name for the Xbox One X!
      (X) (B)ox (O)ne (X) —> XBOX 👀

  4. When you want to ask for a new console or a Vr headset but your an adult now with “responsibilities” so you have to ask for money and socks :/

    1. I prefer the cash🤷‍♂️that way i can save some, and buy whatever i want with the rest…and i need some dam socks rn😭😭am i old now

    2. More like, “You have responsibilities, and you know spending $300 – $1000 on a device is probably too much.”

    1. @Judah Macabee there’s also a chance you meant the second half of your comment to be towards the other guy, in which case, my “credentials” don’t really matter. I don’t know, it’s not very clear.

    2. @Brian Melgar Regardless, I’m not going to waste my time defending a creator who doesn’t even read the comments. That’s cool you’re published. I’ll look for your work. Not joking. I do respect writers.

    3. @Judah Macabee I appreciate that, I’ve got a new book coming in March. Direct me to some stuff you’ve created, I’ll return the favor. I also respect creators.

    1. @Pancouver venguins yeah on ebay and by some people here it’s everywhere, this is the price that the stores are selling it with, legit couldn’t find it cheaper

  5. If somebody got me this stuff, the worst part would be figuring out how to tell them it was the wrong gift but I appreciate the thought

  6. Even the closed captioning can’t tell the difference between “Series X” and “Series S” half the time.

  7. On the topic of “bad games,” Never tell your family members you like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons. I got Lite of Hope this way… twice…. and just… no. I mean, it’s Lite of Hope.

  8. Im a gamer. Im open to this list. However if someone gives me gift whatever it is ill accept it and be happy about it. They have a gift because it shows that they care for you regardless what it is.


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