HITMAN 3 Gameplay 4K (2021) PS5, Xbox Series X

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HITMAN 3 Gameplay 4K (2021) PS5, Xbox Series X
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Comment (26)

  1. If they bring back elusive targets hopefully instead of making them limited evnets they will cycle back around during certain months or something

  2. I mean. I was kinda hoping for something a little newer, as all of the features they described have been in literally every other recent Hitman game, but looks good

  3. Think it’d be cool if while you were hunting someone, someone else is hunting you. I thought that was the direction they were going in when they introduced 47s brother but I guess that would be too different.

  4. i had question. my question is this hitman 3 isnt next story of hitman absolution right?
    its likes earlier strory before hitman absolution

    1. Absolution was literally the worst hitman game. In fact it’s not even a Hitman game. Hitman is supposed to be open ended game that gives the player freedom to approach the assassination however they like. That was how the series got popular. A story driven linear game like absolution is not Hitman.

    2. @JooJ CeeC I think Absolution is one of the worst Hitman games. Contracts, Blood Money and the new Hitman 1/2 are absolutely incredible.

    3. One of the worst hitman games? It has way better graphics, more possibilities and better phyics than blood money and contracts (also I just like the story more but opinion thing I guess) and has a much better /deeper story and than hitman 1 and 2 (but worse graphics and slightly less possibilities). Also its not nearly as hard as these 2 games which might be negative for some ultra pro players but seriously the difficulty is just way too insane to me and probably many other people. So for me Absolution is overall the best and a good middle ground

    4. @JooJ CeeC Absolution was much more restrictive than both Contracts and Blood Money. When I say one of the worst I don’t mean it was bad. I enjoyed Absolution a lot and got all the achievements for it. I just think that Contracts, Blood Money and Hitman 1/2 are significantly better games with much more freedom in their levels and gameplay. Absolution felt too restricted with too many linear levels and a lack of variety of approaches. Maybe we’re just looking for different things in our Hitman games? 🙂

    1. oh come on the bring back that stupid disguise thing when if you’re clothes are similar the detect you that feature was annoying


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