10 HIDDEN Secrets in Video Game Intros

Some intros and beginning areas of video video games have secrets and techniques hidden in plain sight. Listed below are some cool examples.
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  1. When I played mw2 remastered when the say there’s Shepard I instantly domed him, not realizing there was a trophy involved.

    1. Accidentally downed him too when I was running through practice-runs for that best veteran time achievement. Missed one of the first targets, gave up for the day, turned around to shoot the target and down he went. Oops 😋

  2. Everyone hypes up the dark souls thing like it’s so crazy but the jump is literally just falling from one place to another and then there’s a stair case

  3. I remember when was in middle school and i was shocked that i broke out of the chair in black ops 1 lol that was just a real wow moment

    1. There’s not, the joke is that it’s an incredibly boring intro taking way to long to finish, and if there was something cool in it, noone knew for years

  4. I’d say Joker singing “Only You” on the voicemail.

    I know it’s not a secret as such but it caught me so off guard that I burst into tears. I think it’s one of the saddest things in a game ever made. Other than the loss of Dom / Gears.

    1. It’s perticularly not a secret cause it was supposed to be regular come and go place , as asylum has that water walking ring which is super useful and fight the first knight who hands you estus after he is hollowed and the doll to get to xenatheous and a slab

  5. Pagan Min asks you to wait fifteen minutes. You literally had to wait fifteen minutes. That’s it. Not some long unspecified time

    1. Congratulations arm chair quarterback. You are the only person in the entire world who discovered the secret ending without having been told by someone/the internet or by accident by going AFK at that moment. The only person… ever. You are so special.

    2. @Myskully14 1 who is armchair qauterback? 2 chill out bud noone claimed to be special…..if anything you’re acting a bit “special”


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