BACK 4 BLOOD Gameplay (2021) 4K

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BACK 4 BLOOD Gameplay (2021) 4K
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Comment (49)

    1. I don’t think they’ll top Lfd’s special infected. These new special infected don’t really look that cool and don’t really give zombie vibes. They look more alien like

    1. @Recruit trs wasnt made to make this game. It was already its own studio for years. Trs MADE L4D1 and partnered with valve who published it/touched it up towards the end of development. TRS left after the creation of L4D1 and then valve rushed out L4D2 by themselves. Were getting a game that builds itself off of OG L4D and im excited af cause it looks more horror based like L4D1 but its also doing its own thing. Good on turtle rock, taking back whats theirs and making it their own.

    2. @Recruit Valve usually don’t care about other companies copy pasting their game while adding some pinch of salt and pepper. Have you seen Riot games? They LOVE to take games from valve

    1. @Recruit well is not because valve didn’t let them, left 4 dead 3 was cancelled due to certain limitations with the back then primitive version or source 2, I don’t know if you knew this but just in case nobody know the actual reason why there wasn’t a left 4 dead 3

    1. @Not your angel Gotta respect em for that.. Really wish the left 4 dead series could’ve lived on but Valve has some weird fetish/rule of not making more than 2 games per series.. dumbest thing I’ve heard but it’s whatever this game looks pretty good imo

    2. @Bob Ross also not to mention, turtle rock could have easily re-skinned the old special infected and gave them a new name but they actually went through the effort of making new ones. B4B is definitely a successor. But they’ve put in the effort to make it it’s own thing. This aint L4D3 without the L4D name, it’s L4D’s distant and fucked up child.

    3. @CC- 1010 I mean the original devs made them the money.. plus this is a whole different game they can’t claim copyright over. That’s like saying Overwatch could claim copyright over Paladins or Monster hunter could claim copyright over Dauntless, very similar games but characters and names aren’t the same

  1. Kinda feel like everyone ignored the “Pre-Alpha” label at the start of the video. Not Alpha, or even Beta but Pre-Alpha. It’s basically just a concept piece.

    1. @Fry xd En qué sentido call of duty? por correr, apuntar y así? algo que generalmente todos los juegos actuales fps tienen? Ni siquiera a salido xD.

    2. @Green man que crjs no entiendes? La gente esperaba un left y no un call of dutty con mods de zombies a eso voy… Si la comunidad hubiera querido algo similar solo le ponía un mod al COD y nada más, pero también es nuestra culpa por esperar un left cuando no sería algo así.

    3. @Fry xd Tus comparaciones son muy exageradas, naves espaciales? solo vi a puro monstruo al que matas (como en otros left) en qué sentido realismo? es que no veo nada de realismo hacer bunny hops mientras te drogas y corres haciendole un “bailecito” a unos tanks mientras se queman por una molotov que tiraste. O que incluso ni siquiera puedas correr o apuntar con las armas, o que puedes darle de madrazos a un Charger con una guitarra y esta seguir intacta, etc. Left es el peor ejemplo en cuanto realismo se trata.

    4. @Green almenos tenían más coherencia y realismo que ese juego que acaba de ver ahora esto ya parace una comparación entre batlefield 1 y call of dutty con naves espaciales.

  2. While I love this, I will always miss the original L4D & L4D2. I just don’t understand why Valve just abandons their popular games. Could you imagine L4D with updated graphics likes this?

    1. I’m not really a fan of this kind of graphics engine they use on this imo, I rather play a source 2 engine for a new left4dead game I mean look at the characters you cannot distinguish the players from zombies apart


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