BACK 4 BLOOD Official Trailer (2021) New Zombie Game

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BACK 4 BLOOD Official Trailer (2021) New Zombie Game
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Comment (28)

    1. so it is l4d3. it’s made by the same people (turtle rock studio) but can’t be called l4d3 because they sold the license to valve

  1. Trailer tries its best to look like Left 4 Dead. Which works for me because that game is an old favorite of mine. It looks like L4D with Resident Evil influences. So, I’m interested…but I’ll wait until I see more of the game… Great trailers don’t equal great games.

    1. @War Fighter I’m thinking that someone must has said “it’s time for another L4D but we have no rights to so well make the closest version copyright will let us.”

    2. Well it is a trademarked name so they cant. But then again, what’s a matter with a similar l4d feeling game. All I’m worried about is a good story and its differences from what it is inspired from.


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