CRIMSON DESERT Gameplay Trailer 4K (2021)

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CRIMSON DESERT Gameplay Trailer 4K (2021)
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Comment (29)

    1. You’ll be saying that exact samething aswell if you saw their BDO trailer 7years ago, but they did it.

  1. Here’s to hoping this ends up as a singleplayer RPG akin to Dragon’s Dogma instead of a clunky MMO like Black Desert.

    1. @Jon Sneau a single player game with BDO combat would be dope. MMOs are tough for me to get into. After a few weeks, I’m just done.

    2. I’m probably in the minority here but I absolutely hate MMOs just due to the overabundance of fetch quests that they have (especially in BDO even though that game was pretty sick regardless) but I hope it’ll be more of a dragons dogma type game with the possibility of maybe co-op capabilities tbh I just want to be a cool medieval badass with my bros lol

  2. What is up with that camera? zooming ind and out and shaking all the time, makes my head hurt… Looks pretty good though, when that is said

    1. @Luke And payed games are not?
      I have played Warzone and Genshin Impact, and I had a ton of fun without paying a single dime.. And then I bought Assassins Creed Valhalla and Shadow of War. Both full og grinding and microtransactions..
      But free or not. You can easily ignore the ingame shops


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