Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS5, Xbox, PS4, Stadia) is stuffed with RPG methods to be taught. Listed below are some suggestions for getting began in Night time Metropolis.
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    1. Spent on cool and reflex. Sneak&pistol combo is op. Should have max the difficulty instead of hard. Now its too easy. Sneak&pistol dmg multipliers make it so I one shot almost everyone. One headshot and done. Silencers on a pistol also provide dmg bonus when sneaking.

    1. Okay so I haven’t really been following along with what’s been happening with this game. All I’ve been told is it’s been in development for 8 years and keeps getting pushed back. But from the gameplay I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like a game that’s been in development for 8 years at all. I’ve only watched like 30 minutes of regular starting gameplay and I’ve already seen a lot of bugs. Not to mention I’ve not really seen anything ground breaking in terms of the game itself. The story seems pretty good so far but I mean… The rest of the game just seems like any other game. It’s just based in the future with some generic futuristic theming that we’ve pretty much seen before in movies, books and even some other games. It just seems like a Fall Out game without the… Fall Out? Why has this taken 8 years again?

    2. PC player here; I’ve only encountered immersion-breaking bugs so far, thankfully. Mainly objects disappearing/staying static in the air after deciding they don’t want to be held by an NPC anymore, my parked car was found floating off the ground once, and also my car wants to apply its own brakes when I’m anywhere near a parking spot, so I can’t actually drive into it.

      Other than I think I’ve been lucky; the bug issues (for PCs at least) are mostly a result of the game released onto the market where there are thousands upon thousands of combinations of hardware available. And then of course some global bugs which everyone are getting are the result of the game’s code.

  1. Things that the game doesn’t tell you: that T-posing is a symbol of friendship and peace in the future. That’s why everyone seems to be doing it.

    1. @Bibhuti Bhusan A lot of these complaints seem to focus on the game before the day 1 patch… In which almost everyone knew was coming anyway. Soooo… Not sure why the big fuss. I’m sure more fixes are coming post haste.

    2. @NitroChris11 No one wants to enjoy anything anymore… except complaining, being dissatisfied…and…oh yeah.. did I mention complaining? 🤣

    3. @Sami Alam Same. I have played for several hours and only experienced clipping and floating cigarettes. Haha I’m not saying ppl aren’t having issues… But I think some are just being overly dramatic calling it a disaster or failure.

      Fallout 4 was waaay worse and it wasn’t even close to how in depth this game is.

    1. @MolleVand bro chill, it literally doesnt have a problem running any other game so far, its cyber punk itself for the playstation

    1. @OutsideTheRopes
      Exactly , after seeing a bunch of stream , review round up , I had to cancel my Amazon pre order and got the refund. Gonna be a good bargain bin Pick up , and with all the bugs fixed in future !

    2. @OutsideTheRopes it looks boring to be honest so I’m waiting for a sale plus I always said it aint ever gonna live up to the hype

    3. @Michael Powers I’m glad you like it. I paid $60 and was really excited for it but it just fell flat for me. The missions feel like they’ve been done better in other games. I don’t see much innovation in my opinion. But gamers have a wide variety in taste.

    4. @Shreshta Jaiswal “Everybody who played it love it.” That’s a lie. I paid the $60 just like everybody else and I’m bored with the game in it’s current state. There are also plenty of people that agree with me. I’m not like you though. I’m not going to say everybody that played the game hates it.

    5. @OutsideTheRopes Are we playing the same game? Side missions are actually really entertaining imo, just a lot of dialogue which I think makes it better. You’re entitled to your opinion, but this game is my jam so far

  2. Me: I’m gonna wait to upgrade to next gen cause my PS4 still runs great.

    Cyberpunk: Allow me to introduce myself…

    1. Idk. I’m playing on a ps4 pro. Minor texture load glitches and 1 game crash in 9 hrs of play.

      Like others said, seems to be only first edition consoles that are lagging behind here – that being said, the PS5/X1X update isnt until mid 2021 according to most sources and rumours so plenty of time to get a hold of a new gen console or plenty of time for them to fix it as much as possible for ps4/xb1/s

    2. @Dogs and Gooses forever when did that come out? I played last night and did enjoy the game but had a few frame rate dips, and the graphics looked like I was playing Bioshock. Enjoyed the gameplay tho. Also had 1 crash but not too worried about that, sure patches will fix

    3. @Anthony Wilson it’s no surprise really , 90% of the games made in the past 5 years are dogshit and not worth £5 bucks

    1. @jromero idk what to tell you. I’m playing on a ps4 pro. Digital version of the game and it looks great. I have had zero issues.

    1. @The Unwanted Scrub CDPR’s problem for releasing it on PS4. And it’s 90% of people “stuck with 2013 hardware” not everyone can buy PS5 especially during this pandemic and scalpers everywhere.

    2. @Supreme Buffalo no I only have a 1080p monitor, it runs at 60fps indoors and outdoors anywhere between 30-40. But it doesn’t seem to matter the setting I have wether maxed out or on low the outcome remains similar.

    3. @PeterPeter Pumpkin Eater They definitely should be able to get it to a steady 30 fps, but you still don’t seem to get that your hardware is irrelevant and this is a next generation title. Why on earth would they downgrade the entire experience for everybody because of people who are stuck with 2013 hardware. My graphics card is from 2017, most games I can run a mix of ultra/high settings and get between 70 and 100 fps. I have to run this game at low to get it to run 60 fps at 1440p, which isn’t bad because this game actually looks better on low than most games of the last few years have looked on high settings. It’s just not built for last gen. In my opinion, the game should have been PS5 and XSX only, they shouldn’t have even released it at all for PS4 or Xbox One if they can’t squeeze the performance out them.

  3. In V’s apartment in the bathroom, first thing I noticed were the ‘3 Seashells’ which is an obvious nod to the ’94 Stallone film Demolition Man. Thought it was a great little surprise.


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