ELITE DANGEROUS ODYSSEY Trailer Gameplay 4K (2021)

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ELITE DANGEROUS ODYSSEY Trailer Gameplay 4K (2021)
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Comment (14)

  1. Cool. People will no more be confined to drive their ship in the vast emptiness, they’ll now be able to walk in this void that is this game. Consider me impressed!
    That or the fact that it took them 7 years to get there. Not sure which fact is more astounding.

    …seriously though, I thought this game was dead.

  2. Now if people could build on planets or some planets
    That would be cool
    I like building things in games
    You can add on to the mining process
    It gives mining new meaning
    Added element
    Not just to make money
    But to use it to build with as well
    Not exactly like space engineers
    But something to that effect
    Maybe even build ships


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