EVIL DEAD Trailer 4K (2021) PS5

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EVIL DEAD Trailer 4K (2021) PS5
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  1. I really love the whole franchise but that knight looked cringe 😀 it shouldnt belong there 😀, but i guess they brought him back through time 😀

  2. YES! Love Evil Dead! At one of his interviews, at the end of Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell said he still had some work left on his contract and that a video game voice over for the series was part of it. Everyone thought it was for the Ash William skin/dlc for another game but it was for this game. That was two years ago so I guess the game wasn’t as far along as most thought. It was a nice touch, imho, to bring a character from each film/show to round out the cast (helps to bring the game to the entire series), including the fan favorite Kelly. Hopefully, Dana DeLorenzo voices her in the game!

  3. I stop trusting and getting hyped for games after what they did to last of us 2.if they can do that to one of the best games ever made then folks its over.libs and trans are running everything now.thats why everything that comes out sucks…movie or game.


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