FORTNITE “The Walking Dead” Trailer 4K (2020) Michonne, Daryl

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FORTNITE "The Walking Dead" Trailer 4K (2020) Michonne, Daryl
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  1. I know it’s the norm to hate Fortnite. Even I don’t like it anymore but we gotta give them props for being able to have all these crossovers.

    1. @Sdiego Bracho bro stfu game had over 15 million players watching the last event and has about 1 million concurrent players every HOUR sit down hater boy

    2. I haven’t played fortnite since before season 7 lol. I still don’t like the game and all the sweaties and children that flock towards it but I do gotta give them props for all these crossovers. Its gotta be at least 1 company doing it so why not Epic?🤣


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