MASS EFFECT 5 Official Trailer (2021)

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MASS EFFECT 5 Official Trailer (2021)
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Comment (28)

    1. Do you think they’ll actually add some new ending options?
      Before this I didn’t think it to be likely

  1. I can’t believe this is happening thank god. I am so glad that Bioware decided to continue the main storyline in the aftermath of the 3rd game.

  2. After ME:Andromeda., I have very low expectations for this game. Please, prove me wrong. But until then I just gotta say, “Meh…”

    1. Well, Andromeda happened “before” ME 3 so it makes zero sense for their next game to have any relation to it, even less that it has the 5 in the name

    2. @Batman I hope it does. It had a lot of potential and It pisses me off when game companies abandon storylines because they’re inconvenient.

    3. @Batman kinda disappointed. I’m not sure how they can continue post-reaper war. Would’ve been nice to have resolution about Andromeda. So many questions were left hanging. Most weren’t even answered in the book either. I hope for the developers sake they have the ability to freely choose the engine to use for the game instead of being locked to frostbite again.

    4. I see a dead reaper in the background halfway through the video- Or what looks like one. Looks like we are abandoning the Andromeda story?

  3. Can u actually work on dragon age and make dragon age remasters. Three years wait for a 20 second cinematic


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