PERFECT DARK Official Trailer 4K (2021)

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PERFECT DARK Official Trailer 4K (2021)
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Comment (18)

  1. esto es real woooow wooowuuu es en serio e estado esperando esto por mas de 20 años nunca tuve la oportunidad de jugar el de 360 pero lo jugare . y este lo comprare en edicion ultra rara.

  2. TBH, the trailer wasn’t that great. It didn’t get me excited about the game at all. You got the see the aftermath of the fights but not the fights…so you are clueless as to the main character’s skills, abilities, etc… You got the see the main character but only from the back. You got the story of the world but not the game. I know there are some who think a trailer that leaves questions unanswered is good…but that is only if the trailer was good…and this one wasn’t. Underwhelming is an understatement…this trailer was just plain bad…

    1. I never get excited without game play in the trailer. Real game play, that is really in the game.
      Not an E3 fake-ya-out trailer. I’m with ya.


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