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Game Awards 2020 outcomes, new game bulletins, Cyberpunk points, and Nintendo scuffles spherical out every week filled with gaming information.

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Comment (94)

    1. @Crazy Cletus Although not being my kind of story, I think some of the for TLOU2 were deserved but not as much as it got. In my opinion it was too controversial to become GOTY.
      Overall, to me the list of competitioners felt a bit short this year and not very diverse.

    2. Playing cp2077 on a 1660 ti, 2600 cpu, ultra preset on 1080p. Apart from a few visual bugs here and there,game runs smooth as butter about 7 hours in now. Writing is fantastic,the game needs a QoL changes though,those would be very welcome. The gameplay is fantastic, music and graphics are great, what more can i ask for!

  1. “Thank you for that, it helps us keep the lights on”

    Also, “Thank you for that, it helps us keep the lights on”

    1. @Forsaken Jeze I mean technically no but you could get older gen parts like gpu cpu but there is no pc u or xpc 360

    2. @Vector Educate Mediums I’m Actually not, if you read everything I actually said in this thread, you would in fact see that I sad it runs BETTER NOT GOOD

    1. @Dondaileyii With that said and I’m going to let you finish! BUT DOOM Eternal is the greatest game of ALL TIME 😉
      Note – This lame joke comes with good intentions and is not meant to insult 😎

    2. @Arthur Morgan DOOM, The grandfather of First Person Shooters. With a 30 year history. Off the heels of a smashing 2016 reboot. (which won GOTY awards just for the record). That DOOM was a little under the radar? Do you even try to make convincing arguments? 😅I know this is anecdotal but I literally built my computer for Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077. These are NOT obscure games lol.

    3. @Yian Garuga Every single thing I mentioned regarding Doom Eternal is game related. Journalists likewise garnered the gameplay of TLOU2 to be GOTY worthy (I disagree its a marginal step up from the first game which was not revolutionary in and of itself 7 years ago). Its again only the bi-polar gaming community who had issue with non game related aspects of TLOU2 👌Journalists did articles relating to trans representation, violence, the questionable marketing strategy for the game among other things. None of those critiques impacted REVIEWS they were simply discussion pieces for the gaming community writ large. Its gamers who took those discussion pieces as well as leaks meant to foster controversy and ran with them and rode the VIDEOGAME off.

    1. @mario godoy it would help if there was more going on in the levels. Giant monsters smashing through walls and more level variety. Like one level has jump pads which launch you through the air but that’s kind of it.

    2. @BOY Thot You should listen to the FF7R soundtrack then, especially the orchestral arrangements. Square Enix is cracking down on YouTube uploads and such but it really deserved it. Nobuo Uematsu is just a brilliant composer.

    3. I thought it might take best action but hades had it beat I guess. Aside from that I’m not sure where it could have won anything.

  2. The real winner was us watching this recap instead of wasting time.
    Edit: thanks for the likes but i really liked gameranx video.

    1. @Mister Kitty why wouldn’t it do well at the awards though? Sales, reviews, fan voted awards and playstation trophies all point towards it as being a highly deserving nominee.

      Hades was the closest but it just wasn’t played by enough people before the awards. For an indie game to take best action over doom was very impressive though.

    2. @Burgersmash Yes, you can like both games. Both games are good games on their own. Just don’t come at me with VGAs trying to say TLOU2 was a universal all around game of the year award winner that people can come together and celebrate as a very good game that other games should strive to be like.

      It ain’t. I would even go so far as to say there’s multiple criticisms to be had about the game, and how the developers and company handled it all, that should be very big examples of how a game and it’s developers should very much so not be like.

      The fact it won so much has made it clear the VGAs are a joke, if that wasn’t already clear enough before.

    3. @Jeremy Dubois you forgot to add ‘in my opinion’. Your argument is entirely subjective and pointless.

      Tlou2 won the golden joysticks, came second in the player’s voice, has 22 game of the year awards from publications around the world (5 of which were fan voted), is one of the highest reviewed games of 2020, playstation trophies show it was finished and platinumed by an insane number of people and it currently ranks 5th highest for sales in 2020.

      If you have any actual reason for why it doesn’t deserve to win game of the year then please tell me. So far I haven’t found any valid ones. Literally none.

    4. @reed it didn’t deserve the win because it’s gameplay was only lightly touched up from the first immediately making it feel dated, it’s new characters had the personality of cardboard, the pacing was probably the worst of any game this generation, it was absolutely riddled with plotholes making it less concise than it’s predecessor, it ruined ALL of it’s previous characters (Joel, Ellie and Tommy) and it had an ending that invalidated the whole journey making players feel like they wasted their time

  3. The fact that Doom didn’t win any awards says something about how the vga’s are run and the bias behind it. I don’t think it deserved game of the year, but an award or two? For sure.

    1. @JohnnyOTGS ‘Even I found myself trying to find ammo’ so you are gonna complain how the game is hard that you, a ‘pro’ player cant defeat the enemies easily? the gameplay to me felt like it was perfectly balanced, to the point where it wasnt too easy nor too hard, and i have seen many people have the same opinion. I never saw a guy using unlimited ammo cheat unless they just finished their first playthrough and just wanna shred the demons.

    2. @seraphxl18 you do know you look like the 9 year old whose only argument is ‘ oh CrY moRe’ instead of a valid argument?

    3. @Will Da Silva game journalists these days are a joke, they cant even play a game properly if the game requires actual skill.

    4. I thought it might take best action but hades had it beat I guess. Aside from that I’m not sure where it could have won anything.

    1. @reed Assassins Creed, the way Assassins Creed should be. AC2 would blow all but the best 2 games of each year since its release out of the water, still.

    1. @alejandro vasquez Yeah 2018 was the best year of them, by far. One of the few years that the game that actually deserved to win won

    1. @_Iron_Wolf101 0 I mean it’s going to be on Xbox first I meant Xbox not PlayStation. It will be added to ps5 later on

    2. Seeing the setting and quality of the “Horizon Zero Diesel: Dad of Girl” trailer makes me feel… Interested but very, very sceptical!

      I’m kind of an Ark adict lately but they need to straighten that out! Solo it’s playable but splitscreen is an UI and visual mess, servers are giving too much rubberbanding the moment you start growing a base and breeding some tames.

      How Wildcard ignores to even adress certain issues is making me wait for at least a few months after launch before getting any of their future products.

  4. Suicide prevention sounds like something that could especially benefit Japanese companies. AFAIK Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world…

    1. @InnerRise the game is not that great honestly. And if you want I can tell you a plethora of reasons why. The first being the you should never let one man have it compleatly his way.

    2. It’s really just.. confusing to see Nintendo like this.. I mean I know Nintendo was very protective and all which is kinda understandable but what has been happening lately is just.. kinda painfully absurd and sad.. I love Nintendo so seeing this happen kinda just hurts..


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