Cyberpunk 2077: What Happened?

Cyberpunk 2077 has widespread glitches, bugs, and different technical points significantly on base PS4 and Xbox One consoles. CD Projekt Purple has publicly apologized. What occurred?
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motorbike glitch:

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  1. What has your experience been? Comments seem all over the place. Let us know!
    Not so bad?
    Totally fine?
    Wait for sale or updates?

    1. I pre ordered it on the xbox but it came out after the xbox series x came out. So I’m lucky that I didn’t get it for the xbox one. There is glitchy bugs in the game when I played it on day 1 but it seems to be getting better. The story’s in the game are amazing and I’m getting Bladerunner vides. I’m excited for the future of this game.

    2. Have on PC, I have an Xbox 1 but even before I saw any gameplay I knew it would suck on xbox, but on PC this game is so freaking good, of couse I have a good pc so idk on a weak one but this game is amazing.

    3. I‘m wating till the game is fixed still after the patch it‘s pretty buggy and kinda ruins the experience for me (PS4)

    4. disappointing how the whole night city based on sex and crimes has garbage cops that spawn in fat air, and only two joy toys

  2. My body: “pre-order it now!!!”..and my brain:”Haven’t you learned anything after fallout 76 ?”. ….Thanks brain 🙂

    1. After the game passed the 5 year mark after being announced and there was no release date in sight, I knew it would be trash.

    2. @Insanepie 881689 don’t have one though of getting one but never got one, i heard you got one though

    1. @Carter Haugen it literally has 6 endings based off your choices and side jobs everywhere that tie into the story… What are you even talking about dude? Have you played the game or what?

    1. @hector san aifric we, on pc an upgrade is necessary 2-3 years on the road So a 7 years upgrade is not that bad, my gpu only cost is like a Ps5 so…

    1. I haven’t had that one but i did get one where Rouge got stuck holstering and drawing her weapon over and over at light speed while V asks Johnny “Is she always like that.” almost fell out of my chair i was laughing so hard.

  3. Some bugs made me laugh, but overall I like the game, the concept, the music, quests
    Playing on pc with lowest graphics though xD

    1. I built a rig this summer specifically to play this baby. I mean, I was long overdue for a new PC anyway, but this pushed me to actually do it.

      Yes, it was all worth it. Maybe I can only hit RT minimum spec, but damn if that doesn’t look drop deap gorgeous anyway.

  4. Anyone else remember when they never talked about games until all of sudden it was on the shelf?!
    Good times 🙂

    1. Personally I was fine when a game was announced at E3 and come out that year or early the next year. Way too much super mega early alpha gameplay footage of a game releasing in a year or 2.

    2. Yeah it makes me so sad that this is the norm in the industry right now… AND PLAYERS ACCEPT IT THAT WAY… That’s why i don’t buy current games anymore… Well gta 5 was an exception but even that game i bought a year after its pc release…. People are so impatient its so dumb…

    1. @Mellow Memestar they already made their money back for development, most played game on steam and biggest PC game sales for a single day ever. 2nd in the UK game sale charts only behind FIFA 21 lol

    2. @light saberAddiCt agreed. The moment they knew that current gen consoles cannot run it, they should have just dumped it and moved on with PS5 and Xbox Series X

    1. @Carl F. Gauss it means that it’s nothing special, such things happen, hardware gets outdated, especially after 7 years. You guys expect an open world game with 4k graphics, dynamic events and 60 fps on a hardware from 2013? Well, that’s not how it works. It’s like blaming developers that it doesn’t run on your gaming laptop from 2010. There are things that can be done about it, but it will never be smooth and as good looking as on PC and trailers that were made with footage from PC. Might as well complain that game wasn’t released on Nintendo 64.

  5. It’s like almost every other game, when u preorder game, you need to expect glitches, bugs and all sort of problems, I usually buy game at least a year after release and I have way more fun, cuz most of the bugs are fixed by then.

    1. @Legendary Noodle i preordered sbbu too, but tbh it wasn’t the best game in the series just because of how focused it is on competitive stuff, the story mode is not the longest even at full 100%

  6. revenge of ps3 : this is how ps3 players felt like when bo3, gta v, many other games came out good on ps4 and bad on ps3

    1. GTA V was just fine on PS3 at least on my machine. The only reason I bought it again on PS4 was F-P view. That PS3 version always keeps me thinking Switch could run GTA V no prob.

  7. Having The Witcher 3 ok my memory, O imagines that something like that would happen. But I believe in them.

  8. 5 years ago, I would totally have pre-ordered this game. But I’ve learned the hard way it’s always better to wait when it comes to game releases. No matter how big of a fan you are. If the game is bug free at launch day? Then go pick it up the next day. Everyone can wait. Now I’m waiting to get a ps5. Then I’m waiting for the PS5 version to be released for cyberpunk. Then I’ll wait some more to see that it’s bug free as well. Then I can play it. I’ll maybe wait a year more if that’s what it takes😆


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