10 Items You MUST HAVE In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is crammed with enjoyable loot to search out. Listed here are some hidden gadgets value on the lookout for in Evening Metropolis.
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    1. @Ash Roskell My mid end pc runs on max settings everything smoothly, so no, you don’t need top line pc as you say

      Edit: Forgot to mention that with RTX enabled

    2. @Oldskool Skengman well i love CP 2077, but @Ash Roskell making a good point, he’s not just saying, “this game is full of bugs” etc and just walk away

    3. @Oldskool Skengman : You’re very defensive, madam? Not going to engage with gamers who have self control issues. Go off and rage quit on Fortnight or whatever it is that you do when you’re not being illogical around your betters. Disappointing . . .

    4. @Ash Roskell why didnt you just use your brain and get a pc a year ago before all the hype and lockdown bs ? i got a high end powerful pc for 600 last year would cost me 1000 now, anyone with any brain has always known pc will always be better and more powerful than any console dont blame people showing you how good the game looks blame yourself for being stupid sheep.

    1. @SwaggyTJM33 Matthews just a heads up!… I have 45 hours in the game and had just minor bugs, nothing game breaking, but now i started to do normal missions and in the last 3 hours, the bugs are becoming more and more game breaking!…. Im just happy i didnt have the,, Jackie handgun head” bug!

    2. enjoying this game yesterday evening, gonna play more missions later wednesday and beyond despite the glitches, crashes, issues, i haven’t had many problems with my particular game hopefully it stays that way

    1. @Pete Krumb I cant even play on a PC. In the place I live there I aint reliable parts shops. All has to be imported in, sorry pc Elitists but the people who dont have access to this kind of places is a Big majority of earths population. Also recently there is people poiting out how the pricing for any pc parts is Dollars (which is fine) or euros (which is european only, outside that continent it cost a leg to buy anything), it takes time and patience to get access to good parts. Also prebuilt pcs have people pointing out they come with a good amount of problems. Sorry but that PC Only World cant exist yet. Enjoy what you have, but dont expect everyone else to be able to.

    2. @Richard Sosa highly likely, I havent play it either. Yet the whole idea and amount of interest CYBERPUNK gets is what keeps me hoping I can play it on a Ps4. I dont give a crap about the Ps5. Since over the it will be filled with games like Godfall. And the good ones like GOW and other exclusives may take 3 to 4 years to come out. Devs are gonna lose market if they release it inmediately in the next console, not because there is few users, but because first new consoles take a while to catch UP.

    3. @Zontar82 the pc elitist 🤣 some people want to play the amazing games sony makes if I only had a pc I couldn’t enjoy them

    1. Looking at all these people saying the game is unplayable and I’m just laughing. I’m playing on a 1650 and doing just fine, only occasional minor graphical glitches like items staying in place. The sercert? Don’t play at the largest resolution you can (I play 1600×900 windowed, that’s actually my preference though) and if you can’t get 60, limit your FPS(game has options for that) to what you can get it to play smooth at.

      Gammers have gotten so pampered by this high fidelity and 60FPS that they’ve forgotten what actually makes games enjoyable and playable.

    2. @Austin Matthews agreed. He is just like a Cryotominer he’ll eventually burn that Graphics cars and have to buy another. When they are like that is because they know the one they build eats away at oarts and have to replace them. He brags because he needs to convince himself its worth it. For the pc? It is. For the money? It is, for a whale.

    3. @Oldskool Skengman Yeah I built mine from scratch. It was my first time building a PC but it still runs Cyberpunk great.

    4. @Jasmine Cooper for sure, i was lucky to have a family member who knows alot about computers build mine and order the parts ect ect, i do feel bad for people having issues i just wish they would do more research before buying expensive things like pcs.

    1. @WyteKnight I’m on PS4 and I enjoy it. Damn man no game of this magnitude comes out perfect. I know its got a lot of kinks but still its a real blast!

    1. Lizzis gun is sooo gas especially if you upgrade it with crafting. Literally quadruples the damage at legendary its insane!

    1. @TheModerate2Fires technically it could be an unofficial sequel to JM. Johnny is now working for the opposition of the corpos and changed his nickname too

    2. @TheModerate2Fires True. As for Keanu Reeves, that was one of the main reason why Johnny Mnemonic popped in my head and my guess is thats the point, its a easter egg.

    1. @Brigadier Blue honestly, like the Best Buy drop there’s typically a stream going that will tell you exactly how to get it, there were 3 waves of stock on bb for series Xs, and I think I got mine on the 2nd, so just don’t give up for a while

    2. @Brigadier Blue homie I just got one today 😂😂 on Best Buy, got my series x and it was the first time I’ve ever waited for a drop


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