Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You COULD DO

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS5, Xbox, PS4) is a little bit of a large number, however there are nonetheless a number of cool issues you are able to do in it that the game doesn't inform you.
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    1. Crocodile dundee hit handicapped people so hard that they’d stay in the wheelchair, and incidentally also in indie films…

    1. @America FUCKYEAH!!! Hey man, joke or not, you’re the one who felt strong enough to say it. You felt that “winning” was important enough to go out of your way to declare yourself the victor. So by all means, you’ve “won”. I’m sorry I’ve had no issue with the game and that I am truly enjoying myself playing it. allow me to never darken your doorstep again

    2. @Nicodemus708 lmfao 🤣👌🤡!!! I was joking. I don’t care that much. Does one win for saying the truth, of course not, that’s arrogance.

    3. @Joshua M. and how do we get these consoles? If you have a link I’d LOVE to have it because money is no isssue. you do realize millions of bots are buying next gen consoles right ? or have you been under a rock for the past month and a half ?

    1. Soon in real life, the only skills you’ll need to make a gun = 1) turn a printer on 2) download instructions on how to print a gun

    1. Funny thing! I have seen a new video every day for the past four days detailing the same “secret money glitch”. Content creators are making bank off of this game. Too bad (maybe not) most of the secrets they are exploiting will be patched soon.

    2. @Mr.Higgs1993 Tbf, there is no difference between simply setting it and exploiting the bug. Both are cheating.

    3. ShHh DoNt TeLl pEoPlE…… like there’s not 100 videos on it already lmao like I bet no one here found that glitch themselves

    1. He’s melting the metal of the can irl it is possible the gun would be weakly made but it would shoot

    2. @leeman27534 Yeah you’re right. I tried earlier and as you said only drinks can be broken down. Grenades are glitched for me too

    3. a) that is talked about
      b) you can’t: the food items, whether it’s a glitch or not (can’t break down grenades at ALL in my game 95% of the time) you can’t break down ‘food’ – only drinks and booze items

      hell, not even all drinks – currus cola blood breeze doesn’t seem to break down into components yet another variant does

    1. I absolutely love this game, it is my favourite so far, but it sure has its flaws. No effort whatsoever has been put into the random NPCs and the looting system is awful

    1. I don’t get it tbh. Would you really take the train in this game? I mean, maybe once because it’s there but beyond that? Do you use the train in GTA or RDR2?

    1. @CR3maTioN_BLZ A few CDPR devs came out saying that they had to put in 100 hour work weeks during the development of Cyberpunk.

  1. My current method for making money: smash the scan button constantly as i walk to find and collect all the garbage i can. Sell the garbage. Repeat.

    1. I’m an arms dealer. I collect up the enemy weapons during a mission, then sell them afterward, keeping the best for myself, of course.

    1. @HyperJunk 1987 You have an extremely low bar for thinking if you really expected massive open world game to release with no bugs ;] PC version is cleaner than fallout 4, some assasins creeds or arkham knight for example… yeah really low bar for gaming lol. I realize that game is a product and people are not required to know how it’s made to enjoy it, BUT you can’t deny that it’s just common in this industry. People lost their fucking marbles including critics, everything from 1/10 to 10/10 which just invalidates all reviewes in my eyes, Anyone with realistic expectations or just sober way of thinking is happy with what they got and it shows. All this is regarding to PC version tho, what they did with lastgen is inexcusable, game should not be launched in that state I don’t care how many years it’s been. They should just say “we don’t wanna pull an inverse arkham knight on you, so sorry jjust PC for now”. I belive many people in CDPR wanted that but it’s a big company, shareholders have a say and at the end of the day buisness had to be done sadly.

    2. How come people didn’t react this aggressively when fallout 4 launched? That game was very buggy and performance was terrible on ps4/xbox one while also being very hyped up.

    3. @Alessia Prochazka Well most people are pretty explicit about their issues with the game. Stuff like bugs, soft locks, getting stuck in enviroment, lack of advertised features are all facts, you know like widely documented by thousands of people. That said tho I think they should get a bit of a slack for most of those things. People just have totally overblown expectations nowadays and some devs have totally overblown ambitions. For me this game is amazing, literally mindblowing even tho I had few soft locks. What they were able to achieve completly overshadows the lack of final polish. Only part where they REALLY fucked up was hiding the state of ps4/xbox1 versions, knowing they will release unplayable. That feels like finding out, that your best friend sells drugs to kids ;P

    1. @WhosYourDaddyNow I make money pretty quickly as a netrunner… who needs stealth when you can just hack enemies to pieces with that viral hack ability…. the one that spreads between people… and system reboot.

    2. @Roman Papec unless you do some specific missions and tricks (I haven’t looked up any yet as I don’t like spoilers, even for side jobs), you will earn about 5-10k per hour depending on playstyle (at the stage of the game I am now, levels 10-13).
      I play stealth ninja, so it’s about 5k per hour. If I played guns blazing it would probably be about 10k.

    3. Well you find it everywhere and not like you must go to a specific place that is hard to got to

    4. @Roman Papecaround 1-2 k a mission in the early games primarily from side missions and the blue encounters ,you can find money as items ,a friend found 11k in one place ,hack access point if you manage all 3 you get up to 2 k with a perk from hacking ,and at some point picking up and selling weapons can get you between 5-10 k depending on rarity

    1. @TK88 lmao you’re so fucking cringe. 😂😂

      *pushes glasses back on face*
      “Actually their physics engine is subpar to Rockstar who has been in bis-”

      Lmao WHO tf came into a cdpr game expecting real life physics???? Lol people really thought this game was gonna be GTA, Fallout, Call of Duty, and Witcher all in one game 🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. Good for you
      Alot of people is not super simple as you but whatever makes you happy just keep doing it unless it harmful

    1. @RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr I think your wrong but you do you boo.
      Properly thought this would be the next grand theft auto.


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