Cyberpunk 2077 vs GTA 5: How Are The Worlds Different?

Cyberpunk's Night time Metropolis could also be busted, however it’s the latest open world on the block. As at all times, we're gonna stack it up towards one other well-known open world from measurement, design, tradition, and extra.
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    1. cb 2077 started development in 2016 they announced it in 2012 to different things gta5 had five years to work on it when it released it had lots of bugs not to mention the fact that gta5 had 7 years to update and polish the game cyberpunk came out for like eight days

    2. @Joe Bloggs I’m not entertaining this 😂 I’ve said what I have to say – if comparing gta and cyberpunk is apples and oranges , driver and cyberpunk is like comparing apples to bloody Philips screwdrivers … this is the problem with cyberpunk – media and half brained joe bloggs (no offence to you personally – but c’mon you have to be trolling)

    1. @US News Fanboy It’s very much lifeless. Once you realize that there is no car AI, all NPCs act the same, police is broken… on a surface level it is great, but once you realize those things it feels lifeless indeed.

    2. @Ivelityy And the witcher 3 wasnt very abundant in activities that complemented the world as a world you can “live in” more so that it had alot of activities you could do to make the world feel full. And that’s ok, The Witcher 3 wasnt designed to be “lived in”. But Cyberpunk was, and was hyped up to be so, and apart of having a living breathing world that one can “live in” is to have a decent sandbox to it, which Cyberpunkdoesnt have. RPGs can have sandboxes, in fact, I think THATS what’s prohibiting RPG open world games from really taking off. I mean, imaging R* took their quality open world experience, and got with a dev team experienced in RPGs like Obsidian, and made an RPG open wolrd game, thatd be the perfect game damne near. So I’m tired of seeing people say “it’s an rpg, it’s not supposed to have a sandbox”, lol then it SHOULDNT he open world. Any open world should have a sandbox, rpg or not, in fact, ESPECIALLY if it’s an rpg as that opens up more possibilities and opportunities to have even more depth and immersiveness to the world. That’s what CDPR was hyping up Cyberpunk to be. The first step to that future blend of a R* open world with quality RPG storytelling.

    1. I think GTA Peds have agression levels and everything like if you slightly annoy them enough they’ll snap eventually and either speed off or start attacking you

      That alone wipes the floor with most other open world games and I’m pretty sure it’s been around since GTA 3, different peds had different likelyhoods on attacking you back based on who they were, for example the Mafia would obviously shoot you back if shot at, the taxi drivers would fight for their cab back, the ambulance drivers would knock you out then treat the patient

      All of this and more is missing from virtually every open world game in the past few decades excluding rockstar

      Not a fan boy but they’ve had this on lock for decades

    2. @DRECAPONE everyone forgetting the underrated sleeping dogs game by squire enix that has better immersive ai than cbp77 …and it is a 8 year old game. cbp77 is an RPG yeah but an open world game they need to fix the ai and physics issue…you want people to stay and play …not finish the story and come once in a while

    1. Lol gta 5 is outdated and feels like a fake world knowing most buildings are only used once. Maybe nostalgia is clouding y’all a judgement

    2. Yeah ones also a rpg lol where gta is kinda a genre of it’s own. Cyberpunk has lot to offer though I’ve had it since launch and been enjoying it since it’s buggy n needs patches. But to be honest with you no worse than gta 5 or a lot of other games were on launch day. I remember getting gta 5 on launch it had its issues lol

  1. Why everyone so angry? Jake’s advice for all games has always been: don’t get so invested, have more fun, play other games you enjoy

    1. Calling out a false equivalency isn’t being mad lmao These games aren’t at all similar. A comparison serves no purpose.

    2. Don’t get mad ? A game that was so hyped and made to be great… How can you have fun if it’s so terrible and fake ? Might as well buy a PS2 and have fun right ? But no it’s 2020 and we expect realism, good graphics and things to do.

    3. @TheOk1 dude totally agree, both were dogshit. But these days critics and studios will just tell you to swallow it and move on. They’ll gladly take your money too.

  2. I wish game developers did collabs the way artists do. Imagine an open world game developed by Rockstar and CDPR!

    1. BeastlyZack Play side quests over the main story if you can. Most characters just show up in the story to help you with something, but most major characters have an entire side storyline told through side quests. That’s where I’ve found most of the character development happens


  3. The citizens in gta are way smarter??? Feel bad for the citizens in cyberpunk if even the gta npc’s are smarter.

    1. gta citizens are smarter? that doesnt bode well for cyberpunk then…. i once got stars because a cop drove into me…. while i was on the sidewalk.

    2. @RifathRealmOne of a kind what? An extremely detailed and immersive world? Sure. But the single player is kinda horrible (mechanics wise, not the story).

    3. @RifathRealm Α huge company that has multiple studios around the world and the backs of Take Two is better than a company from Poland with 4 games under their belt so far? Call me shocked. And even then it’s debatable. The success of GTA Online, kept the single player aspect of V pretty barren and with barely anything to do other than messing around.

    1. Nah, the housers already leaving rockstar, rockstar now ruled by corporate marketing heads that only cares for money, the last goodgames from rockstar is rdr2 only because that game developed 8 years ago, they’re gonna push rdr online till 2030 idk

    2. @Jonathon Wiedmer ah yes the good ol “devs wanted to make it better but they were rushed” ukw it doesn’t matter they put out a bad game . That’s all there is to it

    3. @Tioxly the only thing R* cares about is making money so you know that they will release a damn good game

    4. They don’t rush the games , they aren’t even trying a bit to make games . The just try to milk GTA and rdr online so much. Why give us a new bully game when we can make a way more successful project like GTA 6 or rdr3 .

    1. @What? It is. Night City is now an independent city-state located near the Southern Border of California. LA still exists and fucked up.

    2. @Mohamed Asad yeah totally agreed even rdr2 runs fine and a polished game not like buggy and glitchy cyberpunk

    1. @Muhammad-Amin Jacobs well ps4 was obvious upgrade because the console came out like a year later. and i think it’s free on ps5 so 🤷

    2. Shhhhhh, stop giving Rockstar new ideas. They’ve already milked GTA V over 3 console generations by releasing the exact same Launch trailer for Ps3, Ps4 and Ps5.

  4. Ik is buggy af, but im having so much fkin fun with this game, settings on mid-low 50-70 fps , good with that tbh, i’d like more yeah…but the fun is so much idgaf at this point

    1. @George Hains Have you played Witcher 3? I understand your anger but cyberpunk is an RPG with a lot of choice variation (good graphics and a nice art style, its a solid shooter, and its only bad on 7 year old consoles that already had 5+ old parts at launch) as GTA is a sandbox game that they’ve been working on for 7 years, go look at GTA videos from 2013, AI was trash the physics are still outdated in 2020 and the gameplay is only good as far as driving goes (the gun play is from 2001)… and the graphics weren’t at all very good at all. (also CDPR released a bug fix the day after launch that fixed 70% of bugs, I’ve only dealt With people occasionally walking through tables and my car spawning upside down 4 times)

  5. Shows just how dedicated rockstar is with their games. So y’all relax and let Gta 6 cook in that oven, we wont regret it.

    1. They also got to reuse assets and research from their years and years of previous games in the same style. CDPR went from 3rd person ride a horse fighting ghosts with a sword to a dystopian future FPS action shooter rpg from one game to another

    2. Yes just look at RDR2. Yes online isn’t that exciting but single player damm that is really good and also the graphics

    3. @deathtrap555 hell no, GTA 5’s Story is short, boring and has no depth. The world is underwhelming and plain, opportunities were not taken and its focus is completeley on online mode with a community that became a f*cking kindergarten

    1. when i first played and got a wanted level i really thought a Judge would come 2077 gave me Judge Dredd vibes and im okay with that


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