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Cyberpunk (*4*) refund points ramp up, Nintendo exhibits off upcoming indies, and extra in every week filled with gaming information.

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Again 4 Blood

Nintendo Direct indie showcase

Hilarious Cyberpunk edit

Studying record

League of Legends MMO


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  1. I’m playing Cyberpunk on PC and even though it’s rough on the edges, it’s amazing at it’s core! I hope the fix the issues, bc I can see myself enjoying this game for a while! Love the story (specially the side missions) and impressive world they created! I’m very fond of this game and hope the bad aftertaste fades away a few patches down the line!

    1. @REVENANT LMFAO you think this is the last update?????? stop simping for the company the updasyes is not the point fool it’s the deceit of them not showing it on ps4 but hey you keep simping for the company instrad of getting a refund that will track them em????

    2. my name is….. the worse content creator of game ranx but i’ll force you to watch as the otthers aren’t interested anymore!!!! spitting is as disguistuing like that 80’s shell suit you’re wearing!!!! p.s that video about horny Keanuu Reeves is for simpletons they do say “simple minds are easily amused” jake you prove that!!

    3. Meanwhile a massive update for all consoles is out. Update version 1.05 and its 17.343gb long so if you was patient ,there you go.

    1. Only reason they delisted it is because cd project Red was telling customers to get refunds if they desire and sony was refusing the refunds.

    1. @John Some thank you, I’ve told people just wait, ever major title people regard as a great game all launched with bugs, including gta5 fallout 4 witcher 3 and many more but for some reason since the game won’t run on an 8 year old console it’s a failed launch to these guys lol that’s a d
      Fucking joke I can’t stand media

    1. Cause CDPR lied to Sony TWICE and to us fans. Sony probably had enough of their bullshit by now with first lying in the certification process and then the refund stuff. Add in several PS5 crashing reports cause of Cyberpunk and the backlash online it makes sense. Fallout etc weren’t as ambitious as Cyberpunk.

  2. I’m surprised you guys haven’t done a “dumb yet hilarious glitches” for CP 2077 yet. The commentary makes them funnier when there is some humor and explanation behind it.

    I dont have a switch, but those games coming sound great. Hopefully other consoles follow.

    Also, not sure why anyone is shocked about another unfinished game? It happens every time

    1. It wasn´t the norm in the past of gaming, that´s why people are shocked. Games were released completed. Good times.

    2. Then people should shut up whenever EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda etc release their buggy mess products. Or is it only understandable if CDPR does it?

    3. In guessing gamerranx have a contract or some ties with cdpr at the moment. All their gameplay video’s are kinda ignoring the problems.

  3. My mom asked my about Cyberpunk because she saw it in a news article. That’s how big this is. Also I didn’t refund the game because I play on a PC and my bugs have been either funny, or the ones that are more annoying are rare.

    1. @Silver Surfer people are expecting this game to have everything good from Skyrim, GTA, and the Witcher 3 games. It’s just way too much

    2. @Eduardo Boquin Well maybe they shouldn’t have put it for sale on ps4/xbox1 consoles if they KNEW it didn’t work yet purposefully HIDE it away?
      I wasn’t expecting the prettiest version but I WAS expecting to be able to at least PLAY the $60+ with tax game! The glitches are so horrific it’s litterly unplayable and game-breaking.
      That’s what I’m pissed about.

      That’s wtf I’m expecting. A playable game.

    3. It’s weird I have the recommended specs for 1080p high and I get around 30fps and dips below depending where I am. I asked for a refund because I’m not going to play a game i payed $90 for and its unoptimised as all get go. Pc to me is 60fps not 30
      Edit: i have to play low settings to get 60fps. I have a 1660 super and a ryzen 5 3600

    4. @Eduardo Boquin It’s not about people expecting better graphics on the 7 year old consoles but that they only sent PC copies for reviews and hid the console until launch.

    5. @Tennyson Whitty i read somewhere on Reddit that some file on pc version having config the same as xb one or ps 4 config, then he changed it and having massive fps improvement

  4. i have it on pc, and it plays great, one of my favorite games to date, it does have some glitches but its really not that bad for me anyways

    1. yup agree, i got it on pc and its fine even got max settings. so far at lvl 23 and like 30hrs have had no problem. to the people who refunded it should they should never be allowed to play again even after the patch. they should be locked out for good.

    2. My build: RX 580 8GB, Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB 3300Mhz RAM

      I haven’t had a single crash yet, runs well enough and I haven’t tweaked the settings enough yet. It does have some glitching problems but it’s mostly just NPC’s being funky. I’ve had more crashes on Doom Eternal and Outer Worlds actually. The game’s amazing for me ngl

    1. I use a 1660 and an i9 9900k, neither have been seriously overclocked and I have no problem playing. There are a few instances when loading into a new area that I have a little graphics stuttering, but I play on high settings. I don’t understand how people are having these problems.

    2. With a amd fx 3850 and gtx 1050ti yup 30fps is fine until I just drops in front of a massive crowd or the outskirts on nightcity

    1. @Mr. Nice Man yeah welcome to gaming. I encounter minor bugs in legit EVERY game I’ve played. This is no exception, but isn’t like some insane bug ridden mess it was on consoles. I’m with homie tho. I’m 70 hrs in and most “bugs” are just small moments where the AI doesn’t perfectly sync with the world. Aint nothing new

    2. You shouldn’t listen to all this if your on pc, I’ve played 80+ hours barely hit a bug or glitch, I think all this has been over blown and a kid on Xbox one not being able to play bc it won’t run on his console doesn’t make this a bad game, just old hardware for a new game

  5. Internet : “Hey release cyberpunk now”

    Developers : “No it’s not finished yet”

    Internet : “I don’t care just give it to me already”

    Developers: “Fine here is what we have right now”

    Internet : “Wow this game is not finished you shouldn’t have released it” >:(

    1. I mean all of internet is asking for GTA or Elder Scrolls 6 but since rockstar and bethesda have never given a date it’s all just noise in the vaccum.

      CDPR gave up the right to have noise is the vaccum when they gave a date

    2. Yeah great, lets blame the people who were consistently lied too. I love the game, but CDPR’s behaviour is inexcusable. They knew the game was completely broken on console, but released it anyway, that is not on consumers.


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