10 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers (2020)

The 2020 holiday season is right here! We've received some last-minute reward ideas and suggestions from low cost to obnoxious.
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#10 Xbox Series X or PS5


#9. Random PC Gamer stuff


#8. Elgato Stream Deck









Logitech Chair


Razer Kishi


#1. Random PC Gamer stuff



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Comment (75)

  1. what ever you do make sure your kid understands he/she is not getting a ps5 as soon as they think but let them know they will get it

    1. You mean whatever you do make sure your kid knows they aren’t getting a PS5 or Xbox series X at all. Those little bitches can wait till they have their own jobs and can pay for it themselves.

    1. @Sam Porter Bridges where can I get 2 pure blooded husky/not related…🤔 if you dont know🤨 then🤫…. now a days looks ain’t much since they can be deceiving

      Si, No!?

    1. definitely a ps5 especially if u already own a pc even if u dont get a ps5 its amazing and has so many good games aaand it can play ps4 games so basically the best games of this decade and the last decade
      it has also outperformed xbox in performance, resolution, graphics and sales

    1. @Samy Samy someone Who comes to your place every day acting nice and when you don’t have time They stab you in the back and call the cops on you for mis treating your dog Without anything you can keep your friends I don’t need them

    2. The life of a gamer: “keeps forgetting why they avoid trying to meet new people to play with”

      “decides to try and find new friends and loads up a game with randoms”

      “Screaming 12 year old”


  2. That power strip suggestion, that’s the realest gift. No one ever wants to spend money on them but always needs them.

    1. Lmafo its weird before watching this video earlier today I was looking for them on Amazon and found the exact one he recommended

    1. ​@TickleMyPitz 100% I had this exact same conversation the other day – Sleeping, Walking or Sitting – If you can, try and spend smart on things that aid you in those 3 aspects of your life, things like mattresses, pillows, walking shoes and if you sit at the desk a lot, a good ergonomic chair.

    2. @klen sal Soooo I’ll just buy me a 100 dollar chair that’ll support my back and keep me having a healthy posture.

    3. Buying a good chair is like buying a good mattress. Some people spend over 15 hours a day on their chair. If you have the money, it’s one of the best investments you can make. Of course you can just opt to sleep on the floor or stand at a desk if you want, but having high quality equipment makes the difference over prolonged periods of use. I used to sit on a $40 mesh office chair and had horrible back pain. After saving some money, I bought a used herman miller for around $600, and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.

    4. @TickleMyPitz Very true. However, for a lot of things, there’re many great if not better options out there at barely a quarter of some prices that to me personality make me nearly piss my pants out of laughter when I see them. Like buying headphones that are just as good if not better for $20 as opposed to a $300 pair.

    1. The life of a gamer: “keeps forgetting why they avoid trying to meet new people to play with”

      “decides to try and find new friends and loads up a game with randoms”

      “Screaming 12 year old”


    2. It’s called meeting new people my freinds dont play online so I add people I get into good games with and chat to

    1. @snap wratchersso you should go to the tallest building and just scream out that you have a ps5! Lol

    1. @steaIey the one before the ending one where he talks about the little keychain. He mispronounced Oregon as Or-egon.


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