Cyberpunk 2077: 23 INSANE Little Details [4K]

Cyberpunk 2077 has tons of cool little particulars you shouldn't miss. Listed here are our favourite examples.
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    1. @Fanooo o I’m surprised you didn’t run into anything. I’m on PC and I had a few bugs where certain NPCs didn’t spawn in and I couldn’t complete a quest. I ended up having to load a save from a few minutes before. I also would randomly die when I was with Panam doing her missions, so it got annoying quick. But I still love the game so far.

    2. I mean the AI in this game is laughable. Probably the worse AI I have seen in a game. There’s a video floating around how they make the city look full by using what looks like cardboard cutouts 😆

    3. @lukasz luk it has a good setting with a good story but it is in no way ready and it also doesn’t live up to what is promised even when it is working

    4. I’m playing on base PS4 … it’s really difficult at times with those bugs and graphics but the thing is… can’t stop playing this because it’s a good game. I have like 35hrs and I’m not even on the middle of the story yet

  1. So during any conversation you can zoom in on someone’s face and when that happens their voice gets distorted. But when you attempt to when Johnny is talking, his voice isn’t distorted because he’s in your head. Thought that was a nice touch.

    1. @TaigaGaoo no this game is just riddled with bug and performance issues on console and pc though performance is better on pc it’s still a buggy mess but I like the bugs it’s funny as hell when I’m talking to an NPC in T pose and have them turn their head 360 for no reason

    2. @TaigaGaoo I actually like the game a lot I’ve probably played it more than most people at this point. Nearly completed all story missions and side missions but it’s hard to look past ai that reacts worse than ai in gta vice city and San Andreas along with most other 3D games that came out in the 2000’s. I mean people are trying to say they’re won’t be bugs if you play on a 3000 series card but i see things like me parking a car in a cross walk and the ai don’t know how to get around it so they walk In circles the same character model 10 in a row walking. In a line. Broken lip syncing bad driving glitchy rubber banding movement missing sound efftctsThese are all things that 3000 series card aren’t going to fix. Like I said I think the game is really fun but it’s hard not to notice that many games have done pretty much every mechanic of the game better. RPG mechanics- Bethesdas done it better many times. Crafting- like 100 games. Driving- gta and about 100 different games. Motion capture- Detroit become human and like 100 other games. Fluid FP shooting- overwatch and 100 other games. Solid optimization and a complete game in an open world with driving and a story as good as this one- far cry games. The game does have some cool things going for it such as it’s interesting environment and great voice acting but honestly the story is pretty weak IMO. Your basically the rough tough guy who will murder anyone who looks at you wrong but is sweet and kind to his friends. Give me a break it’s not a masterpiece of storytelling it’s contrived. A game were the ghost of Keanu reaves lives in your head. Have you ever even seen fight club it’s not original and fight club actually does it better. All I’m saying even if you like the game as I do you would have to be blind not to see that the game as many issues and is not the god tier game everyone chalked it up to be. Unless it gets massive updates I’ll spend a few more days finishing all the side quests and I’ll probably never play it again. It’s not a fun game to run around in the open world it’s pointless unless you count blurry breaking and getting stuck in the wall which I’ve done about 10 times now.

  2. This is a nice video.
    Everyone is talking about the BAD details and the BAD things about the game. The developers worked hard and it shows even at this state.

    1. The hate train against this game is absolutely cringe. You’ve got the usual parasitic youtubers jumping on any tiny detail or bit of controversy just to get their frothing at the mouth viewers all riled up. “CYBERPUNK JUST GETS WORSE AND WORSE” – What proceeds is 10:01 video about an NPC seen T posing out in the badlands.

    1. The trunk and all isn’t accessible on newly purchased cars, and a handful of cars and the bikes don’t have trunks at all. Funnily enough the tiny Maimai does have a trunk in the front. It’s actually a pretty nice car, just obviously not particularly fast or anything.

  3. I always wanted to ride a roller coaster with Keanu Reeves. They should’ve had a Cyberpunk contest where that happened in real life. That would’ve been breathtaking. Now I’m just sad. Thanks Gamranx.

    1. Yeah the scene is one of the best every quest in the game. Do check out my cyberpunk 2077 videos on my channel. thanks

  4. Not currently a popular opinion but i frikkin’ love this game!

    Edit: Well well, i guess i was wrong about the “unpopular” opinion after all.

    1. @Hillary 2020 my friend is on ps5 and im on a pc and we are loving it despite all the bugs. You were probably too hyped.

    2. @Namewasstolen Stresslevel well said , and I totally agree with you about age related issue. I can definitely tell you all those negative people wanted this game like GTA and they were over hyped. I am playing on PC with RT on and this is gonna be my all time favorite single player games with the witcher 3 and RDR2.

    1. @What is wrong with me I have PS4 and ps5 and I’m not a virgin like you to beg my mommy and daddy to buy me cyber punk go play fortnite boy!

    1. We need more of those. Getting tired to hear from the obvious police that this is not like GTA and AI is dumb. Did you see the number of preorders for a game with no reviews and zero gameplay videos on consoles? Real people are dumber then the AI… So it’s very realistic… Anyway i love this game and we need more videos like this one!

    2. Right? Initially loaded onto my living room ps4 and threw my controller at the TV after crashing 5 times before the first 10 minutes of game play. Went upstairs and loaded onto my ps4pro and haven’t had as many issues. Wish I had gotten PC version but I travel with my ps4 usually. Eh ill give them some time.

    1. that’s not exactly a new thing… Mass Effect did it in the elevator. Sure other games had something like that but i don’t know atm…

  5. I accidentally chopped a toilet with a katana once, and the lid broke apart where I cut it, and it left blade marks across the toilet rim. I was blown away at the detail, and also it’s pretty funny they expected someone would want to dice up a toilet.

    1. speaking of toilets – check out the one in V’s apartment. Specifically, look on the shelf next to the toilet.

    2. @Troy Constable Some mirrors do show reflections with raytracing on, however V does not have a reflection, while everything around him does. They only show him if you interact with a mirror. It’s a shame really.

    1. @100_DeGrees Go into Pacifica and you will see it not long after entering it via the highways and you will see it near the beach. Just be careful of gangoons.

    1. I mean there are alot of problems with the game but as long as you dont play on base PS4/XBOX ONE it doesnt deserve this much hate. Its actually a really good game in my opinion but there is also alot of lost potential

    1. Listen to the traffic light’s voice.
      She is our guide through the darkness and the apocalypse
      Praise the traffic light’s voice

  6. When Panam gets her car back, she gets in and she manually adjusts her seat/steering wheel to her preference. I saw that and was like, “Wow that’s attention to detail” 😮👍

    1. @Otávio Camanho Yeah, she got shot when she was trying to fix the jammed turret on her car, but I’m not sure if the scar’s from that. It would be a really cool detail if it is though.

    2. Also, check Panam scar at the left part of her torso. Zooming in you can see the texture is actually pretty good


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