10 Video Game Things That DIED in 2020

Video video games are all the time transferring ahead. Listed here are some traits, video games, and different gaming associated issues that died off in 2020.
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    1. @Soviet Ninja sorry, you probably didn’t understand me quite well because english isn’t my first language, or you’re just too dumb, but what i meant was that those “last gen” console was supposed to be the game’s main console on it’s original release date. so no, it didn’t live to the hype if the game is broken on its intended launch console. and the fact that you think the game wouldn’t have released on april anyway, further proves the point that it never was ever going to live to the hype, the devs/publishers made a lot of promise to its gullible and blind fans that would worship them just because they’ve made witcher 3.

  1. PSN in 2020 took away seeing my other buddies in their Party Chats and being able to randomly jump in and say hi.
    I hate it. I get it, but I hate it.

    1. @JAY SAVAGE Yeah, that’s what me and my group would do. That or just limit the party so our friends can see it and they would simply just ask us to up the party limit. I liked doing that best.

    1. The problem isn’t necessarily that it needed more time it’s that they clearly didn’t put any of the time they should have into console ports and just pushed them out to die (assuming we’re talking cyberpunk)

    1. @MiniSquirt actually i don’t play fortnite and if a game is going unfair with the f**king microtransactions part i just don’t play it and don’t even pay for it
      I just don’t give a sh*t about customizable stuff because its not a fashion show
      I just want the gameplay and if microtransactions ruins gameplay i just don’t play it and also i want microtransactions die too , don’t think i like them please understand me just don’t pay for it and if a game gives you punishment for you because of you not buying them just don’t play it , the end

    1. its stupid how companies justify their anti employees/consumer attitude toward manipulating a concept that most people don’t understand

  2. *”people this year finally realized that hyping up anything is a terrible idea”*

    Oh, you sweet, sweet summer child.

    1. They were pretty cool. used to run events in there with like augmented reality set ups and expensive driving game sim rigs. An xbox arcade section. You could try all their expensive top end stuff too. They were showpieces and cool to browse around. They even had DJs in there sometimes

    2. I never heard about their physical stores and have only seen one in my entire city so, it’s not a big change to me. Never got the point of those stores to begin with.

  3. “Game Stop is having to deal with the fact that they’re Game Stop”. Best line in the whole video!! Lol

  4. That Mixer/Facebook Gaming thing makes me thing of back when Sears Roebuck and K-Mart united to compete with Walmart. Suck plus suck does not equal success.

    1. @Eduardo Morales Nope. All stores closed. The one local store here has been sitting empty since the closure. Meanwhile, the local Sears is now a rollerskating rink and amusement center.

  5. Just this week, a new update to world of tanks console basically downgraded it to a mobile game and almost all of the player base already left. Rip WOT Console community

    1. I know the monetization scheme is awful coming from someone who used to play it on pc, buy what did they do on consoles that is that bad for everyone to leave?

  6. A finished product on release day. Every game is a beta now. With cdpred on that bandwagon now we just need to grieve and move on

    1. @BloodwatchDaGamer yep it compares with ghost of tsushima. You know the game released on only one platform and is much smaller in scale. Same thing.

    1. @Nezunish – Kind of, flash itself uses SWF files, the SWF player is just an application that lets you play the raw files. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure this is how it works though

    2. Eh not entirely, there’s a bunch of sites archiving flash games and creating their own alternatives to the flash player such as custom launchers. Also there’s SWF players, one of my friends uploaded a video tutorial on how to download flash games as SWF files so that you can play the games offline, also there’s no load times


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