Cyberpunk 2077: MORE Dumb Yet Hilarious Glitches

Cyberpunk 2077 is full of hilarious glitches and bugs, so we requested you to submit something you encountered. Listed below are a number of the finest submissions.
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Comment (59)

    1. This what happens when the nerds cry about delays. I feel this was a passive aggressive retaliatory move on as CDPR part… release the game like this amongst the cries about delays. I mean look at their response to the save game bug… devs are very petty.. and smart and their pay back often comes in the form of passive aggression because outright rage wouldn’t be HR friendly.

    1. @Pancouver venguins Ute’s are what Americans call trucks, a car with an open tray on the back. We call big semi-trailers trucks.

    2. @Pancouver venguins ute`s are basicaly any vehicle that is a car in the front and a an open cargo space in the back. factory or modiffied.

    1. @Heman TheMighty my man, even without the bugs this game is so Shallow and there’s nothing to do outside of doing quest.

  1. I love this game and look forward to this being in the past. “Hey remember how buggy this game was at launch?” “Buggy? It was fucked” “ yeah but now it runs like butter.” “True”.

    1. Same I’m having fun with the game very disappointed in how it came out but lucky I’m playing on Xbox one x so it’s not to awful

  2. The “freeze frame” @2:21 looks as if the narration would start saying “You might be wondering how I got here.”


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