10 Games That SUCKED in 2020

2020 was crammed with nice video games, however there have been some stinkers too. From boring tales to micro-transactions, to damaged console version, we’ve acquired a bunch of disappointments right here.
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    1. @Kavelian Studios I know a couple people who it’s a boast to have the newest Fifa so they get it every year regardless of its content

    2. It’s not Ea’s fault people toss money at them. We can blame people who have fed this machine for years, and every year give Ea more and more money😣

    1. @Marshal Manke
      Pokemon Games: (cut cost on development)
      Nintendo: it’s Pokemon’s esthetic, simple and we’re promoting reading (while spending the money on the “What costume should Pikachu wear next” R&D)

    2. @Gl 1100 They’re really not. Unless you’re a kid. If you have any knowledge of Pokemon, and how the games work. The modern games are so piss easy, you could fall asleep while you’re auto-pilot crushing the supposed ‘strongest trainer in the region’.

    3. Guarantee Gamefreak recycles old 3ds models for their next game then complain about not being able to put more pokemoj in their game

    1. @A S agreed, very well balanced POV.

      They belong in games like Gacha games(Raid, AFK Arena, ect), or TCG games(Hearthstone, MTG:Arena, ect), games that are free to play. Not 60$ AAA titles like Marvel or Madden.

    2. those nut case corpo don’t understand, why a lot of MICRO transaction work in game is because there are leaderboard/competitive system and people can showoff their expensive/rare item.
      in some case game just make it obvious pay to win so you can whale to the top of leader board.

  1. Raid shadow legends: *wears sunglasses, lights a cigarette, walks gangsta then takes the award without giving a speech*

    1. @Kaitlyn Buck bruh you’re level 26. That’s baby level. Attempt to score high in any event and watch you take first place with your free to play only to have some whale x100 your score from several hours play in literally 5 minutes.

    2. @CryptoKnot I do, but even if then there are good and bad ways. e.g. thinks like season/battle passes that give a small advantage and are mostly convenience. Or showing a short ad between matches / to reload stamina.

      I don’t even mind the p2w aspects as much if they’re at least reasonably priced, but most games that have those offer insane packets up to $100, which really just is predatory und unethical

    3. I don’t get the hate for Raid Shadow Legends. It’s hardly pay to win, I’m already like lvl 26 and I have not had to pay for gems or money or anything to get more heroes or stuff for my game

  2. The mistake they made with the marvel game was they made it multiplayer, should of focused more on a immersive single player and have mini campaigns for each character as well.

    1. Do people really buy sports games every year at least with cod you get some new maps and guns but sports games you get almost the same teams same players and same mechanics I assume you can’t really change much.

    1. @Amarson 232 Whut do you mean?
      Story is the only thing, which isn’t even that bad, just controversial.
      Gameplay, animation, character development, voice acting, facial animations, graphics and sound design are top notch.

    2. Most people who hate on tlou2 didn’t play the game , alot of them didn’t even play the first one lol most of the hate is coming from goofy cringey youtubers like leafy

    3. @iBluBerriMuffinz idk maybe 90% of the internet right now, cyberpunk is tanking hard right now due to mass glitches, lies, bad marketing and more.

    1. Money, that’s the type of game that should hust have one entry that keeps getting DLC thougb, what even changes in them? Some players and stadiums maybe? That should be DLC.


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