2020 was a wild year for video games. We've added up your votes and we're saying the perfect video games of 2020. Regardless of the entire ups and downs, it was a superb one.
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  1. We kept it simple this year.
    Thank you all very much for consistently watching. We’re happy to be doing this as a job and we’re grateful because we can’t do it without you watching. Cheers folks 👍

    1. @The Beheader I’m hoping for some really good DLC. When the devs have all the time to polish, instead of being forced to rewrite everything because of some hollywood-actor 1.5 years before the launch, it should really get good.

    2. Turns out that full price for it when it released was actually an investment that has now paid off.

      I know it would still have turned out to be a good game after all these years even without that big cash influx at the start, but I’m telling myself it helped.

    1. even when reloading/resetting is superfast, it was plain unfun to be completely perfect every time to pass a single area, just because you can only be hit once. Not only that but, first person melee combat will never be as good or better than pretty much anything else. It just wasn’t going to win against something like Hades. And Hades beats ’em on narrative and depth too.

    1. @Shabil Muhammad eh, most do appreciate it from what I’ve seen. It’s just the ones that don’t yell so loud about it were like John Cena and you can’t see us lol seriously tho it’s rubbish to say it’s bad imo

    2. @Crazy Cletus II I guess it depends on personal preference. No matter how you look at it, Part 2 doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting. People need to recognize and appreciate the sheer amount of brilliance, creativity and hardwork Naughty Dog has put into this game.

    3. @Shabil Muhammad Tsushima is beautiful as hell I personally thought it was SLIGHTLY slow imo but it’s a gorgeous game but Part2 is easily mine it just looks to good with the music and what not

    4. @Crazy Cletus II Part 2 is a fantastic game not gonna lie. It definitely has it’s moments and people are overreacting for no reason. Talking about GOTY, for me personally it’s Tsushima any day

  2. You can see the fear in his eyes as he reminds the chuds that the rankings are democratic and not that serious. God I hate the gaming community sometimes.

    1. @ROO Explain what “real fans” means please. Because I find this “if you like the game you’re a fanboy simp” narrative pretty ridiculous.
      I don’t particularly like Druckmann but TLoU has easily been my GOTY, just like I love GoT and I don’t mind it being voted the GOTY

    2. The gaming community has nothing to do with anything. In a democratic public vote, the true game if the year is decided. Especially if the people who voted are ACTUALLY diverse, so the steam awards is THE definitive awards show

    1. @l1mbo no way in hell a ps4 compares to a 1060

      it so happens that games initially meant for ps got released for pc in such awful state that you needed a 1060 for minimum “ps4 like” gameplay

      for real, is it that hard to get?

    2. Cyberpunk is a pretty mediocre RPG, especially for the things that have been promised. It has barely any meaningful choices and the world is lifeless and meaningless.

    3. @Fudily wait but isn’t PS4 comparable to a GTX 1060 in performance? So why are they struggling so much while you are getting smooth performance?

  3. I’m still playing legends in ghost. Literally the only game I haven’t gotten tired of even if there is a grind. The combat is so much fun.

    1. @Javier Nájera I got the plat trophy for it yesterday. If i had to describe it i’d say its a work of art. The beauty off the island, mixed with the combat and exploration, and a very good story. It’s a amazing game

    1. @KENOBI is jesus is it tho? To me and my homies it’s a Masterpiece and that’s all I need..ill gladly hear your 100% logical reasoning as to why the story is “So Bad” tho…

    1. @KENOBI is jesus yeah but you can’t just say the story is bad, and then it’s bad….there had to be logical reasoning…Plot Holes, Characters direction going off course stuff like that.And it has to make sense you can’t just pull the Head-Canon, Joel would never get took like that…well I forget where it states he’s Psychic in the 1st one..!

    2. @Crazy Cletus IImy only problem with it is the story, the gameplay was like the first part but hey, if its not broke don’t fix it.

    3. @Manan Singh which you mean? Ghost? Yeah that’s what I said…. either way what, did you not like part2? It’s pretty good homie.

    4. @Manan Singh nah Ghost deserved it, it’s just people actually don’t like part2!? It’s honestly baffling tbh

    1. I’m surprised the game didn’t get mentioned at all, my personal GOTY even though I played tones of awesome games this year.


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