10 Things Cyberpunk Players HATE

We’re having fun with Cyberpunk, however it has some points. Like with each new game launch, we scour the web to collect opinions and discover out what avid gamers hate probably the most while enjoying.
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  1. I hate missing turns when I’m ripping around in my caliburn or arch. The amount of times I gotta slam the brakes and turn around is annoying as HELL. If only the mini map could be a little more zoomed out when you’re in a car.

  2. This game needs a “sell all uncommon/common loot” option. Also when dismantling objects it would be cool if the menu didn’t scroll up every DAMN time.

    1. Sort items the way that common are on top and rare at the bottom than you can just dismantle one after another not worriying about losing wrong item and you do it quicker

  3. People can literally change their faces in the games Canon, but we don’t have a way to alter our appearance or even haircut after we make our character

    1. @StrawberryKaty But that shouldn’t be DLC. I’m mad that people are willing to pay for that when it should already be in the game.

    2. @Tay Tay You can turn Skyrim & Fallout into the holy grail of RPGs with mods. You’ll be able to do the same with Starfield. If we keep its expectations low, it will be fallout 4 in space. No full sized planets, loading screens between planets, jankiness, lots of bugs. But a way better roleplaying experience than Cyberpunk WITH third person AND mods. Cyberpunk will probably never have mod support and if they do, it won’t be anything close to what you can do with bethesda’s engine. Cyberpunk has been nothing but a disappointment to a lot of mid-hardcore rpg fans. At least we can fix Bethesdas mess and turn it into something beautiful

    3. @Ultimate Powa that’s a terrible argument lol. The Witcher was released a year and a half into PS4’s existence. Of course they didn’t release it on PS3. Cyberpunk was initially supposed to come out 7 months before the PS5. New gen wasn’t even supposed to be out yet. Completely different situations. Don’t fan boy so hard lol

    4. @James Greenfield I just looked it up, it looks beautiful but I wouldn’t put any faith in it yet,cyberpunk was supposed to be like the holy grail of rpg,kinda hard to believe anything else will stand on their word and stick to the hype till the end at the moment,most games have been a letdown recently

  4. I hate when you’re driving on a highway and there are zero cars around you, yet 50 feet away you can see an endless number of head lights and brake lights (granted they are in 2D 😑) then they keep disappearing as you get closer.

    1. It’s so bad. Haven’t seen crap like this since PS2. Boot up GTA5 and see how far ahead that game feels in regards to traffic and NPC numbers. Cyberpunk just feels so empty.

    2. this happens so much when you are out in the suburbs, the nomad area… it happens on those roads all the time… I hate it

    1. For some reason my V sometimes goes bald when looking at mirror, no hair nor eyebrows. Probably just a bug but really weird.

    2. Just wear what you want and don’t even worry about helmets, you might be surprised by how little it actually matters.

      I’m running around with a total armor rating of 203 on max difficulty and as long as I don’t just stand out in the open and eat a 3 course meal of bullets I’m fine.

    3. @Federal Agent Lupina it doesn’t has any name on it, also the description it’s empty, that’s why I think it’s a bug, but hey! At least it’s a cool one

    1. @Royal Dragon At least Delamain does stop. But also if I answer Lester the first time he calls and just ignore him it still seems to make him happy and he does something else for the rest of the time I play. Of course he’s there waiting for me to log in again!

  5. Quite literally, the worst thing about this game is when you have beaten the story once, and you continue where you left off, it keeps tracking the point of no return quest and it doesnt let you just deselect it. You complete a quest, and it auto tracks the point of no return quest. Quite annoying.

    1. i think it does this with all story quests. i havent finished the story yet but whatever side job i do, after its completed it starts to track the main mission once again.

    1. ye for all the marketing buzz words and this being the next generation of open world gaming it falls flat on even being a open world game. just feels like a linear story in an open world. Beat the story and the only thing to do is grind missions to level up your character. Not sure if the game is worth another playthough.

    2. @RaptorFromThe6IX Yes. Tw3 at least had things to keep you busy like gwent, enemy variety, some form of AI, a looting system with quests and *wink* brothels

  6. It isn’t just that it crashes a lot, but also that it takes a considerably long time on the blue screen to crash before I can do anything else. Basically, every time it shits the bed, it also suffers from constipation.

    1. @Vladutz19 Did this myself and then also used a program called Xpadder to macro a turbo left click onto an xbox controller so now I craft by just holding a button for a few seconds and craft hundreds of items lol.

    2. @Vladutz19 Would not recomend the dismantling part myself, the bag is kinda wonky and easy to erase wrong item when its so fast!

    3. There is a way to avoid this if you want to “kind of” mod the game. Go to Cyberpunk 2077r6config and find inputcontexts.xml. Look for the “hold action=”craft_item”” line and modify the timeout to 0.01. It makes crafting instantaneous. Same with dismantling, look for “disassemble_item” and change it the same way. I hope this helps.

    1. Like, the GTA series has a dedicated button to temporarily zoom out the minimap, it’s that important. That’s the kind of attention to design detail that separates the men from the boys.

  7. Anyone else try to jump off a really high building and double jump right before you hit the ground but it doesn’t work. Smh 😖

    1. There is limit how long you can drop before you are locked out of next jump. Usually I quicksave before jumping off so I can try again.

  8. The game is also incredibly easy. Even on the hardest difficulty it’s too easy the game needs better AI for sure

    1. Yup, started a new play through yesterday and cranked up the difficulty to high. By level 9 I am carrying around level 30 gear because I am already killing enemies more than 20 levels above me because the AI is dumber than any I have ever played against. The Enemies on a Nintendo 64 had more depth and difficulty.

    1. The prologue is absolute trash, on my first play through I thought that was the game and I was hating every second of it. Bitching to anyone who would listen. Now on my second playthrough I at least knew nothing matters and there is no player agency or anything so I just skipped as fast as possible but god damn it was still even worse somehow.

  9. I found out you can’t romance Judy as a male… after I did everything and she just skips town on you… well at least I’m the best friend! 😂

    1. @Sean O’Connor uggh i try answering phones and i have to spam, the amount of times i accidentally hung up on fixers is crazy, V is just rude i guess

    2. I literally don’t understand how this even became a problem.

      We have literal cybernetic eyes.
      Why can’t we project a line map on the road?
      Have AR arrows pop up seamlessly.
      They had this world and did like nothing with so much of the tech. Nothing to make the world mesh together beyond the surface.


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