Top 7 NEW Games of January 2021

New year – new month – new video games. Check out the primary 2021 video games you’ll be enjoying on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, and extra.
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The Medium

Platform : PC, XSX

Launch date : January 28, 2021


Platform : PC

Launch date : January 26, 2021

Cyber Shadow


Launch date : January 26, 2021

King Arthur: Knight's Story

Platform : PC

Launch date : January 12, 2021

Stronghold: Warlords

Platform : PC

Launch date : January 26, 2021


Platform : PC

Launch date : Early Entry Jan 2021

Hitman 3

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox one XSX Stadia Switch

Launch date : 20 January 2021

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Comment (83)

  1. I am always looking forward to these videos, even though I have less time to play now. Gets me hyped for the next month. 🙂

    1. I am also always excited for these. Though I can’t play them cz I don’t have a pc or console, I still can know in advance what my favorite YouTubers will be playing next month. 😁

    1. @Error-192837465 _________________ top 10 games of January 2021. was meant to say top 7, which they ended up fixing.

    1. @Dav3yGravy 777 yeah.. i figured it out.. most of the complains are done by old gen console players.. and many of them haven’t even played it yet just jumping on hate bandwagon cuz internet say so

  2. Video title: top 10
    Falcon: “Starting off at number 7”
    Me: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  3. when you mentioned “older gamers” that really made me nostalgic. The only thing I remember by name is Contra when compared to cyber shadow

    1. @Dovakin Brown alright, more power to ya. I can attest Hitman 2016 is very good. Captures a lot of the spirit of blood money and the prior games and I know they kept the formula for #2 2018. I’m gonna be a while in playing it still even though I picked it up already.

      I’m currently in the thick of cyberpunk 2077. Already planning the start of an immediate replay once I finish it. Then MGS1, that may make me run into MGS5 or 2. Then Shadow of war. Then Hitman 2, by then I may want to run through Hitman 1 again

    2. I stay a couple years behind in most games. There may be like one a year that I get pretty new cause someone gifts me money for it, if I hadn’t just bought Hitman 2 yesterday, this would probably be my buy for 2021


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