10 Strangely CREEPY Moments in 2020 Games

Video video games typically have extraordinarily creepy moments, whether or not it’s intentional or not. Listed below are some creepy moments from latest video games – scary areas, bizarre characters, and disturbing glitches.
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  1. Lester Crest from GTA Online: “I like my scores like I like my dates. Across the street and unaware they are being watched.”

    1. Kinda off topic, but I really wanna see Joseph Stalin in a COD game. And I don’t mean like that bit in World at War where they showed a black and white film of him giving a speech for half a second. I want it to be fully CGI and to be shown for more than half a second.

    2. I totally get why he’s on this list, but I like him too….it looks too real for a game. Like it’s so good it’s creepy good

    1. @Rittenhouse is a Hero what fo you mean by seeing the results today? I have a feeling you may have s9me ridiculous views.

  2. One of creepiest moments was in cyberpunk. There was a mission with River when you searched for his nephew. Then you searched through his laptop and found some disturbing stuff. Truly one of most scary missions this year

    1. @Bussa The Younger I mean there basically was. If you read the emails you can tell that randy was groomed by the guy who was emailing him, and it’s very creepy. not to mention it gets even more disturbing as you delve into the motivations behind the kidnappings.

  3. The crash bandicoot villain in love with him/herself doesn’t surprise me… hell that’s normal behavior for a narcissist lol

  4. Your telling me you’ve never seen an old white guy like that, they did a really good job on mista president

  5. So is it weird that I went out of my way to pre-ordered specifically so I could get the carbuncle something? I mean I definitely was getting the game anyway but I really really wanted the carbuncle summoning.

  6. Adam Smasher

    When he walks past you in Cyberpunk 2077 is intimidating as hell. In general, Adam Smasher’s design is scary imo.


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